Can a Herbal Pillow for Dreams Work?

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Historical Notions

Herbs have long been associated with different abilities. Herbal pillows were some of the first forms of aromatherapy. It used to be that if one wanted to dream of their husband or wife, they slept with herbs. If there was a child with nightmares, herbs were placed under their pillow. The list continues for the different uses of herbs in a person’s pillows. While each culture had different herbal combinations for the same result, most cultures believed that the herbs placed in a pillow was able to produce different dreams and these dreams were considered very important.

How to Make a Herbal Pillow for Dreams

Making a herbal pillow for dreams is not a difficult task. Simply create a small satchel or purchase a pre-made one at a craft or wedding store. Add the herbs to the satchel in the desired amounts and close the satchel. A couple of stitches at the opening of the satchel will ensure it does not open up. Open a small part of the seam of the pillow and place the satchel in the pillow. Stitch the seam of the pillow closed. If you do not want to open the pillow, or if it is not yours to open, place the satchel between the pillow case and the pillow, on the underside of the pillow. This will keep it from being directly under your head but still allow for the benefits of a herbal pillow.

Herbal Use

Some herbs can be used on their own. Other herbs can be combined to change the scent and the dream pattern. Not all people will react the same way for the herbs. Trial and error can be used to help you find a pleasant and effective method of changing your dreams using herbal pillows. The following are some suggestions on herbs that can be used to create or influence dream patterns. These are hardly the only combinations available though.

Sweet Dreams

There are many herbs that can be placed in a pillow to help bring about sweet dreams. The herbs most associated with sweet dreams and easy sleep are lavender and chamomile. It is not uncommon for people to sew these herbs into their pillow, or the pillow of their children. Other herbs that can help sweet dreams include rose and lemon grass. If there is a herb that reminds you of a pleasant time, feel free to add this to your pillow to create sweet dreams.

Vacation Dreams

Vacation dreams are great escapes from the trials of every day life. A vacation dream may be brought about by the use of tropical herbs and scents. One such recipe for a great vacation herbal satchel includes rose, hops flowers, lemon grass, jasmine and mimosa flower and some orange peel. Combining these ingredients in equal amounts can produce a fragrant escape into dreamland.



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