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What is Poke Root?

The poke plant has been used by the Indians because of the deep red color it produces. The red plant is often used for dyes. However, the root of the plant contains many natural properties that aid the body in numerous areas. The root of the poke plant is cultivated to form capsules and oils. These tall plants can be used to naturally cure numerous health conditions.

What are the Poke Root Properties?

The most common properties the root of the poke plant contains and is used for are fungicide, anti-inflammatory, and a stimulant. Other properties of the plant include a parasiticide, anti-rheumatic, and a tonic. Many other properties are concealed within the root.

What are the Benefits?

The poke root oil often comes in the form of lotions or ointments. This allows it to easily be applied to the skin to acquire the benefits. The oil can benefit scabies, acne, and skin infections. It can remove parasites and pests from the skin. Ringworm and other fungal infections can benefit from the oil of the root. Abscesses, boils, and other sores on the skin can naturally be healed using the oil. When applied to the skin, the oil can also reduce any swelling on the skin. It soothes and smoothes the skin when directly applied to it.

It is believed the properties contained within the root may treat certain viruses. It can also relieve hemorrhoids and ulcers. In can relieve the symptoms of inflamed joints, such as arthritis. Difficulty urinating can also benefit from use of this herb.

Many illnesses can benefit from use of the poke root. Sore throats, ear aches, and swollen glands can be treated using this herbal treatment. Laryngitis, tonsillitis, and other issues of the throat can benefit from use of the plant as well.

What are the Side Effects?

Although this root is very beneficial it can produce unwanted side effects and risks. It is important this root is completely dried prior to use because the fresh root is poisonous. In large doses it can cause extreme stomach upset. Pregnant women, women that are breast feeding, and children should not use the root or oil.


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