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Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil to Treat and Prevent Gum Disease

written by: Heather Marie Kosur • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 1/20/2011

Gum disease can be painful, and professional treatment can be expensive. However, oil pulling with coconut oil may be an effective means to treat gum disease at home. Oil pulling helps to cleanse toxins and bacteria from the mouth and may improve the symptoms of gum disease.

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    Gum Disease and Oil Pulling

    Coconut Oil Oil pulling is a simple and inexpensive way to treat gum disease at home. Liquid oil is swished in the mouth, similar to the manner in which people use mouthwash. While pulling through the teeth, the oil picks up dirt, bacteria, food particles, and toxins. Many people use liquid oils such as sesame or sunflower oil to treat gum disease; however, these oils have a strong flavor that not all users find enjoyable. Coconut oil may also be warmed into a liquid and used to treat gum disease; plus, many people prefer the mild, sweet flavor of coconut oil compared to other oils used for dental pulling.

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    Oiling Pulling with Coconut Oil

    Oil pulling with coconut oil consists of putting a tablespoon of the liquid oil in the mouth and then pulling the oil through the gums and teeth, similarly to the swishing of mouthwash around the mouth. Pull the oil through the teeth for fifteen minutes for the best results. After the proper amount of time, the oil will become clear and thin. Do not swallow the oil, which is now full of toxins and bacteria. Instead, spit the oil into the sink and rinse with water.

    For the best results, oil pulling should be a part of a daily dental hygiene routine. Over time, coconut will whiten teeth and, most importantly, improve gum health by treating gum disease. The gums will become firmer, take on a healthy pink color, and stop or reverse receding.

    Oil pulling also helps to release toxins and bacteria in the body. Coconut oil users may find that, after initially pulling the oil, sinus drainage and mucus increases for a few days. This bodily reaction is a normal part of the body cleansing itself of toxins. Nausea is also a common side effect after the first few times of oil pulling, which is a result of the body reducing toxins. Some people may also find that it takes some time to get used to the unfamiliar feeling of swishing oil around in the mouth.

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    For people with mild gum disease, oil pulling with coconut oil is an effective treatment plan. However, people with severe cases of gum disease may need to see a dentist for a professional cleaning before beginning a routine as a professional cleaning will help remove hardened plaque between the teeth and gums and will ultimately help oil pulling be more effective. Healthy people without gum disease, too, can use oil pulling to help prevent any future disease.

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