Guarana Extract: Learn the Benefits and Side Effects of Guarana

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Guarana is an evergreen vine that is native to the Amazon and northern regions of Brazil. It is a small berry that is known to produce many health benefits. Guarana extract is collected from the berries and most commonly found in soft drinks and energy drinks. Although it is commonly found in the drink form, it can be purchased as foods, powders, capsules, and syrups. Many are found in health food stores.

Guarana Extract

Guarana extract is also known as guaranine. It is chemically identical to that of caffeine. The level of caffeine contained within the guarana berries is at least seven times higher than the levels contained within coffee beans. There is a key difference between the caffeine found in coffee beans and that found in the guarana beans. The caffeine found in guarana beans is released slower than the caffeine found in coffee beans. It also lasts longer and provides more stimulation than that of coffee beans.


There are many benefits of the guarana berries. The most common of the benefits is a natural remedy to increase stamina and energy levels. It directly stimulates the body’s central nervous system. It is a natural remedy for reducing fatigue.

Guarana has also shown to benefit metabolism and is often used by athletes, especially body builders. Guarana is a natural remedy for appetite suppression. It is often used with exercises and low calorie diets. It is used to benefit obesity.

The berry extract contains the ability to detoxify the blood naturally. It is often used to relieve intestinal gas and dyspepsia. Diarrhea can benefit from use of this extract. Guarana can be used to reduce cellulite, relieve migraines, and benefit rheumatism.

Side Effects of Guarana

Although guarana is very beneficial, there are side effects associated to the use of this natural supplement. Common side effects of guarana are insomnia, anxiety, and trembling. Other noted side effects are palpitations, hyperactivity, and increased urination. All of the side effects are similar to those of other caffeinated products.

It is best to avoid guarana while pregnant or breast feeding. It can have negative consequences for a fetus and be secreted through breast milk. People with certain cardiovascular conditions are recommended to avoid use of the extract. Limit other forms of caffeine while consuming guarana.


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