Learn the Benefits of Castor Seeds and Castor Oil

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Castor Seeds and Castor Oil

Castor bean seeds have been used in Chinese medicine for many years because they contain many beneficial health properties. The castor bean seeds, also known as castor oil seeds, are used to extract the oil from the seeds to produce natural medicines. The castor oil has been used to treat many medical conditions and aliments despite the fact it has an awful taste.

Digestive Benefits

Castor seeds are commonly used for the many digestive benefits they produce. Many believe the seeds can relieve the symptoms related to food poisoning. It is often given as a natural remedy for stomach upset and constipation. The symptoms of dysentery can be treated with the oil extract. Inflamed bowels can also be relieved with the oil. The oil and seeds can be used as a natural laxative. It is also used to increase appetite in those with severe fevers.

Skin Benefits

Many skin conditions can be treated using the oil extract. It is often used to treat ringworm, burns on the skin, and inflamed or irritated skin. A certain chemical contained within the oil allows it to reduce the growth of viruses, fungi, yeasts and bacteria on the skin, especially in wounds. It is often applied to bruises and skin abrasions to help the healing process.

The castor oil is commonly used during massages because it rejuvenates the skin. It also stimulates the glands in the skin and relaxes the muscles naturally. It can be found in many beauty products. To reduce dry skin and calluses, the oil can be directly applied to the skin and feet at night.

Other Benefits

The oil and seeds are often given to people to relieve chest and nasal congestion, as well as mucus secretions. Many breastfeeding women use the oil to gently promote lactation. When rubbed on the breast area, the mammary glands are stimulated to increase lactation.

Side Effects

Although castor oil is very beneficial during the lactation process it should be used under extreme precaution. It has been shown to cause breastfeeding infants to experience diarrhea. It should also not be used on pregnant women because it can produce unwanted side effects.

When using castor oil or seeds you must use it correctly. If it is consumed in large amounts it can cause stomach upset and constipation. It is best to only use one teaspoon of the oil a day or unwanted side effects can occur.


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