Why Drink Lime Blossom Tea: The Medicinal Benefits of Lime Blossom

Why Drink Lime Blossom Tea: The Medicinal Benefits of Lime Blossom
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What is Lime Blossom?

Lime blossom is a tree in the Tiliaceae, flowering-blossom family of plants. Also called linden, tilia, and even lime, these trees grow in northern temperate climates, being found primarily in North America and Europe. A traditional medicinal herb, as well as a figure in the folklore and mythology of different cultures, the lime blossom tree is quite magnificent. The oldest known specimens are around seven hundred years, and it is believed that these trees can live to be one thousand years old. They are tall, lovely in appearance and fragrance, with bright green, heart-shaped leaves and soft white blossoms.

Treating Nervous Tension with Lime Blossom

Lime blossom is perhaps most well-known as a remedy for nervous disorders – anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia, and general emotional weariness. Rich in renewing volatile oils, such as farensol, this healing herb effectively relieves tension and soothes the nerves. This action is essential in holistic health, as mental and emotional well-being are the foundation of physical well-being. Drink lime blossom tea to relieve stress and restlessness, or take a bath with a linden infusion, or even with a few drops of the essential oil. For nervous tension, lime blossom blends well with hops.

Treating High Blood Pressure with Lime Blossom

Aside from having a calming effect on the nervous system, lime blossom is also reputed to relax the circulatory system. In this way, it is a soothing remedy for those who suffer from high blood pressure due to the stress and tension of everyday life. It therefore also benefits the heart by relieving the pressure from hypertension. Through easing blood circulation, lime blossom can also be used to treat stress-related migraines. For high blood pressure, make a tea from lime blossom and hawthorn.

Treating Fevers, Colds, and Asthma with Lime Blossom

Lime blossom is also a traditional herbal remedy for viral infections, particularly of the upper respiratory tract. It can be used to push toxins and microbes out of the body through sweating, to speed recovery from an illness as a diaphoretic herb. It also relieves coughing by having a calming, anti-spasmodic effect. For asthma, not only does it relieve coughing, but by lessening stress and anxiety, lime blossom can prevent severe asthma attacks, which are made worse by fear. To treat the common cold and fevers, lime blossom goes well with elder flower.

How to Make Lime Blossom Tea

To make lime blossom tea, pour one cup of boiling water over one teaspoon of the dried flowers. For a strong enough diaphoretic effect for fevers, use two teaspoons. Let the tea steep for about ten minutes, covered. Drink lime blossom tea three times a day while treating nervous tension, hypertension, or a cold or flu, or as a relaxing night cap enjoy a cup at the end of the day.


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photo credit: Mick E. Talbot