Natural Treatments for Kidney Stones Using Chinese Medicine

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What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney Stones are deposits that sometimes occur within the kidneys. Kidney stones can break up and “travel” through the urinary tract causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. Kidney stones can be made up of a few materials including calcium and uric acid which are the most common types of kidney stones.

Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones Using Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine it is believed that all health problems are related to issues with the vital energy known as chi. In the case of kidney stones they can be the manifestation of a variety of issues related to the chi. It may be a chi deficiency, a chi stagnation, or heat in the kidney area. In all cases, Chinese medicine looks for ways to restart the natural flow of the chi and in the particular case of kidney stones to remove any heat in the kidney area or any chi blockage.

One way to remove kidney stones is with herbal preparations. In traditional medicine there are a few preparations that target kidney stones specifically. Keep in mind that it is important to see a doctor before starting any new treatment even if it is natural.

There is one herb traditionally used in Chinese medicine for the removal of kidney stones. It is called gold coin grass (GCG). A tea is made of the gold coin grass herb for kidney stone removal (through disintegration and flushing). Also, a tincture of the herb can be taken. A more effective Chinese medicine preparation for treating kidney stones involves taking a tea made of three herbs: the gold coin grass, corn silk and eucommia. Basically, a tea is made of a mix of the 3 herbs and taken abundantly every day (3-5 cups daily). Eucommia is said to reestablish the normal functioning of the kidneys and it is complementary to the gold coin grass .

Prof.Dr. Enqin Zhang(Engin CAN), recommends the following medicine to treat kidney calculi: A mix of lysimachia, pyrrosia leaf, plantago seed, cluster mallow fruit, oriental water plantain rhizome, citron fruit, vaccaria seed, radish seed, rhubarb to be decocted in water and taken orally everyday. He also recommends acupuncture and other types of treatments which you can read in his page regarding kidney stones.