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An Overview of the Skullcap Herb

written by: MandaSpring • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 8/20/2009

The skullcap herb has long been used for its powerful medicinal properties. Learn about the beneficial properties that help the body. This vitamin packed herb has had a large role in Traditional Chinese Medicine but has also had an impact around the world as well.

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    Basic Information on the Skullcap Herb

    The skullcap herb got its name because of its a defining characteristic. This distinct aspect of the plant is the “cap-like” flowers that bloom on this plant. It is rich in vitamins, minerals and healing properties such as:

    • beta carotene

    • lignin

    • tannins

    • salts of iron

    • calcium

    • magnesium

    • manganese

    • potassium

    • selenium

    • zinc

    • B-vitamins

    • vitamin C

    There are different varieties of the skullcap herb. When a person decides to take an herbal remedy they ought to research which type is best for their overall needs. The benefits of natural medicine can prove to be more efficient and safer to consume than most over the counter or prescription drugs sold today. But in order to make sure that a body can get the most of it medicinal properties they should decide what type can better suit them.

    The skullcap herb is a perennial that grows in soft, wet marshes and meadows. The parts that are commonly used in herbal remedies are the leaves, stems and flowers. All of the skullcap herbs have the same basic properties and healing elements and can be used to substitute another type but is generally not encouraged. Some skullcap plants are more potent than others and for this reason dosing and remedies should be followed without interchanging one plant for another.

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    The Many Benefits of the Skullcap Herb

    The skullcap herb has long been used in Chinese Medicine. Several Chinese studies show the list of benefits associated with this in treating an array of medical problems and diseases. Cancer is among the severe diseases for which the skullcap herb has shown positive evidence. This research validates the safety and efficiency of the skullcap herb to significantly reduce the size of tumors.

    • Tension or stress headaches

    • Drug and alcohol withdrawals

    • Hyperactivity

    • Palsy

    • Anorexia nervosa

    • Anxiety

    • Cramping

    • Fibromyalgia

    • Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)

    • Insomnia

    • Tourette's Syndrome

    • Seizure Disorders

    In addition to treating the above list of conditions the skullcap herb is widely used as a mild sedative and muscle relaxant. The antioxidants contained in the skullcap herb are one of the reasons it is so beneficial to the body. This is a common natural remedy for allergies especially when it is used with other herbs such as the stinging nettle. Depending on the specific allergy there are many treatments containing skullcap that are gentle and efficient in reliving symptoms.

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