Learn about the Benefits from Chinese Salvia Root and How Dried Salvia Root is Used

Salvia Root

The benefits of the Chinese Salvia Root have been gaining popularity throughout the Western countries for the many health benefits it is believed to produce. Dried Salvia Root is believed to promote cardiovascular health and liver health. It is believed to reduce inflammation, treat skin conditions, and even detoxify the body.

Salvia Root is only one variety of Salvia produced naturally. In Asian countries, they believe Salvia Root to be so beneficial that they have crops to harvest this root. Salvia Root grows best in warm and sunny environments. The Salvia plant itself has small grayish leaves with a fuzzy texture. It can produce red, purple, or blue flowers during the summer and brown nut-like fruits in the fall.

Cardiovascular Health

A vital benefit Salvia Root is believed to produce is the promotion of cardiovascular health. Salvia Root has shown to increase blood circulation throughout the body without causing extra strain on the heart. This root is believed to stop blood from clotting together improperly, reducing arteriosclerosis. The risk of strokes and heart attacks can be reduced from Salvia Root use as well. The pain from angina pectoris is believed to be reduced from Chinese Salvia Root use also. Salvia Root is believed to naturally purify the blood. This can help treat skin conditions such as acne and boils.

Liver Health

Liver health is believed to benefit from Salvia Root. Many believe Salvia may protect the liver from damage caused by alcohol, drugs, and diseases. It may help treat certain liver conditions. Liver conditions that may benefit from Salvia Root are fibrosis, cirrhosis, and chronic hepatitis.

Other Health Benefits

Research that was conducted concluded dried Salvia Root may protect the body from free radical damage because of the antioxidant and antiviral properties it appears to produce. Salvia Root has shown to stop the ability of bacteria to grow. This then can reduce fever and inflammation. This root may aid the urinary systems ability to excrete toxins. Salvia Root is believed to help nourish the kidneys, spleen, and liver. It may also increase mental health and mental functions.

Although Salvia Root has only recently began to be studied, it has quiet an extensive history of being used all over the world.

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