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The Dangers of Smoking Salvia

written by: AlyssaAst • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 12/13/2010

Although salvia has shown to be very promising in the medical field, it has begun to gain popularity for other reasons. Salvia is now being used because it has powerful hallucinatory agents.

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    Smoking salvia has been gaining popularity among teenagers because it is a completely legal, with the exception of Louisiana and Missouri, way to experience LSD like effects. There are many dangers associated to smoking salvia. However, it has shown promising results in the medical community for treating common conditions.

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    Dangers of Salvia

    Salvia has become extremely popular among teenagers because it is capable of producing strong hallucinations. It remains legal and widely available to teens. Salvia is often compared to being in the same dangerous drug category as heroin and LSD; however, saliva only produces LSD like results. Smoking salvia is reported to produce a feeling of being out of the body. The hallucinations of salvia are reported to cause vivid shapes and colors. Objects often become distorted. Realities begin to blur causing confusion. Smoking salvia is very dangerous because loss of motor functions often occurs. The body can begin to twist and twitch uncontrollably. Loss of coordination occurs when salvia is misused. Slurred speech is common as well as extreme dizziness.

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    Suicide Risks

    People who smoke salvia are at an increased risk of suicide. One reason for this is because the spiritual experiences that are often reported with salvia use are generally frightening and extremely uncomfortable. The hallucinations can cause people to unexpectedly commit suicide. Salvia triggers certain brain cells that are responsible for a person’s perception of reality and consciousness. Once these brain cells are altered, a person no longer thinks clearly and no longer acts rationally.

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    Legal Dangers

    Saliva remains legal in all but two states, Louisiana and Missouri. It is widely available to people over the Internet and on the streets. This allows salvia to be legally misused. A reason for salvia to remain legal is because of the promising medical treatments it is believed to produce. Although there are no approved human uses for this herb, it has shown positive results in research testing. For this reason, the ban on salvia has not yet been put into place. There is a hope that the medical benefits of salvia will become known before this new drug is made illegal. If it is made illegal before the research is complete, the research will take longer and the medical benefits will be made harder to become known.

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