Increase Your Sex Drive: Herbal Aphrodisiacs

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Many things can lead to a person losing their sex drive. Stress, a recent pregnancy, birth or miscarriage, financial struggles, obesity, and lack of essential nutrients are only a few issues that can impact sexual desire and stamina.

This article is designed to provide a comprehensive list to both men and women of specific herbal aphrodisiacs that can address this sexual retreat on several levels. If you are ready to increase your sex drive and take back your passion then discover all natural ways to effectively regain your sexual persona. The following are herbal aphrodisiacs that have been used for centuries.

Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Men

Men usually have the hard labor jobs, carry the brunt of the financial issues of the household and consider themselves to be the emotional rock of the family. For these reasons they are more apt to burn themselves out from time to time physically, mentally and emotionally. Fortunately, there is some relief to be had.

Ginseng has many sexually beneficial properties. It has been known to increase the sexual desire as well as raise sperm count.

Horny Goat weed has long been known for its ability to increase the testosterone level to stimulate sexual urges. It decreases the feelings of fatigue by replacing it with enhanced stamina.

Kava-Kava is an herbal aphrodisiac because of its medicinal qualities of relaxing the body and mind and almost allowing it to be somewhat euphoric. This should be used in combination with other aphrodisiacs for men who are stressed out or mentally and emotionally burned out.

Maca is a Peruvian herb that has long been used to increase the sex drive and the sperm quality. It has a beneficial feature which enhances stamina.

Yohimbe is usually always found in herbal blends for impotence and infertility. This is primarily due to the fact that not only does it stimulate arousal but it has wonderful circulation benefits as well. By increasing the blood flow to the pelvic area it increases the chances of longer, more pleasurable and more productive sex.

Herbal Aphrodisiacs for Women

Women primarily have heavy task of taking care of everyone in the family while forgetting about taking care of themselves. Life issues are sometimes the cause of losing your sex drive but other times lack of essential nutrients, emotional burden or mental stress can cause the deep passion to dwindle away. So, naturally women should take the herbal aphrodisiacs that can help repair different aspects of the body while also increasing your sex drive.

Ginseng can also be used for women as well as men. By aiding in the mental clarity and emotional relaxing the body ginseng also ignites that sexual vitality.

Rehmannia is a Chinese herb that fixes organ function and helps draw in energy to your reproductive organs and sex glands. This revitalizes the libido while helping enhance fertility as well.

Velvet bean, or mucuna, promotes a happy feeling and mental/emotional balance as it stimulates sexual desire.

Wild Yam balances the female hormone level and produces a healthy sex drive. Basically it repairs any hormonally challenged areas that need to be recharged and stimulated.

Regardless of the reasons, these herbal aphrodisiacs have centuries of experience in positive results. As long as you wish to reboot your sexual inclination or repair the internal, mental or emotional problems that are associated with the loss of desire in your life there are all natural options that can heal.


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