Herbal Remedies for Acne Can Help with This Condition:: Learn Here Which Ones Are the Most Effective

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Acne problems are common among teenagers due to their diets and hormonal changes within the body. Teens are not the only people that deal with the unsightly blemishes though. Individuals of all ages and gender can have acne problems.

The causes of acne are wide ranging and include but are not limited to: pollutants in the environment, stress, too much candy or greasy foods, hormones, bad hygiene habits, or using the wrong soaps.

Regardless of age or cause, acne can prove to be a difficult thing to get rid of. Not only is eliminating acne a hard task but the fact that acne can leave behind scars is another complicated problem that people face.

Herbs for Acne

For topical use, it is customary to boil a small amount of water then remove from heat and put the herbs into the water. Let it sit as you would when making tea. After cleansing the face and rinsing thoroughly a wash cloth soaked in the essence of the herbs can be gently applied to the skin. Another way to apply herbs to acne prone areas is to take fresh herbs and grind them in a mortar and pestle. Then mix with honey, which is a powerful antibacterial agent and rub into the infected area. Leave on for about 15 minutes or so and rinse.

Oregon grape is an herb that is taken internally to clear up acne. However, due to the antibacterial qualities such as berbamine and berberine this herb contains it also can be used topically.

Golden seal is one of the best antibacterial herbs. Typically it can be used alone or with Marshmallow to reduce swollen or red skin while also killing the bacterium that is causing the acne.

Other internally taken herbs that can help are burdock and dandelion. When applied to the skin they can have a favorable effect on soothing and clearing the skin.

Acne scars are a horrible thing to have lingering on your body. Thankfully there are herbal remedies for acne scars that have been used for centuries that can actually work. The most popular seems to be rubbing raw garlic juice right on the scars. Other remedies include fresh comfrey leaves and garlic ground and mixed with honey. Leaving this mixture on for about a half and hour each day will lessen the dark and defining marks.


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