The Advantages of Herbal Medicine: What are the Benefits of Using this All Natural Healing Method?

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Herbal Medicine and Prescription Drugs

For thousands of years people have been using plants to heal. From teas that heal the inside of the body to herbs that are applied directly onto wounds, herbal medicine has been the main source of healing since time began.

“Approximately 119 plant-derived compounds are currently used as drugs, and nearly three-quarters of them were discovered by following up on folklore.” - Dr. Kenneth R. Pelletier

Prescription drugs are available today for just about any health problem and symptom one might experience. In many cases an herbal science is behind the product. Many medications might have a portion of its foundation be the essence, or a synthetic, of a plant but then it is built upon with chemicals and fillers which are dangerous.

Here is a list of a few various medications that we use in which the healing property is herbal:

1. Aspirin- Willow Bark

2. Taxol- Yew Tree

3. Digitalis- Foxglove

4. Quinine- Peruvian tree bark

With prescription drugs come side effects. Many can be severe or even fatal. When herbal medicine is applied there is usually only one side effect if any at all and that is if a person is allergic to the plant that is being used. Of course there are extremely rare cases of a person using a plant or herb extract to excess that resulted in injury or death but then again, water can also kill if drunk to excess. So, in short, when care and common sense are used herbal medicine is both safe and effective.

Advantages of Herbal Medicine

Safety is one of the most common advantages of herbal medicine. It is well known that natural elements are far better for the human body than chemicals. The side effects of herbal medicines are few and far between and usually only encompass mild allergic reactions.

Cost is another advantage of herbal medicine. Prescriptions drugs are so expensive, sometimes reaching $80 or more for less than a month supply of medication whereas herbal supplements usually cost under $20.00 for a supply lasting about a month or more. Herbal supplements and medications are highly affordable and when scouted online can be bought at discounted prices.

Availability is another great advantage. Herbal and nutrition stores, health food stores, online market places as well as any establishment that has a pharmacy will commonly sell herbal supplements and medications.




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