The Health Benefits of Green Tea

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Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has been thought of a high-powered tea that fights off certain diseases and actually helps to improve a person’s immune system. Green tea has been around for a long time, but it seems as though just these last few years it has really taken notice.

The Chinese have been using Green tea for years to treat many types of illnesses ranging from headaches to terminal diseases. According to it states that many people today use the tea to help and prevent disease such as cancer, heart disease, infections, arthritis and many immune diseases.

Not only does Green tea have a reputation of helping diseases, it also has other affects on a person as well. It is suppose to give a healthier lifestyle by giving a person more energy, a more positive attitude on life and even helps relax a person’s state of mind. The benefits of Green tea are endless.

Green tea provides these benefits because it is enriched in many vitamins, such as EGCG or epigallocatechil gallate. This is essential because it is an anti-oxidant that can kill off certain cancer cells and helps prevent cancer cells from forming. EGCG also helps to lower a person’s cholesterol and can possibly prevent blood clots from forming in the body.

There are many drinks and vitamins that have Green tea in them and state that the supplement will help a person lose weight. The reason for this is because Green tea has been said to actually help boost a person’s metabolism, causing them to shed some pounds or help stabilize their weight. states that when Green tea is combined with caffeine many people have had positive side effects with their weigh loss.

Green tea offers many positive contributions to the human body, so if you want to stay healthy try having a cup of Green tea. It’s not only delicious, it really it nutritious!


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