Lavender for Sleep: Try Using Lavender Oil or Dried Flowers to Aid Rest & Relaxation

Lavender for Sleep: Try Using Lavender Oil or Dried Flowers to Aid Rest & Relaxation
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Description of Lavender

Lavender is a strong, aromatic, uplifting, yet calming scent that relieves nervous tension and anxiety. If you are having restless nights or can’t settle down before bedtime, consider using lavender to help you relax. Lavender is an indigenous plant to the mountainous areas near the Mediterranean. In the United States, lavender is a popular crop in the Northwest. The aromatic smell that comes from the plant is found in all parts of the shrub. The plant is used fresh, dried, and as an essential oil. Lavender is used in perfumes, lotions, body sprays, bath soaps, and household sprays. As a dried flower it is used in sachets, potpourri, and tea. The essential oil is used in bath salts, bath water, and scents for the home.

Ways to Use Lavender for Sleep

Try making a soothing tea with either fresh or dried flowers of lavender. Put one tablespoon in a teapot. Steep for ten minutes. Try putting a few drops of essential oil behind the ears and on the neck. Even a small amount massaged into the hair with give you a soothing fragrance. Put a few drops of essential oil on your pillow or fill a sachet with the dried flower and tuck it into your pillowcase. Ninety minutes before bedtime, take a soothing bath with either lavender scented bath salts or lavender essential oils. The bath salts are especially good because the salts will relax your muscles and the aromatherapies of the lavender will sooth your nerves.

The scent of lavender is a calming way to relax the body for a good night’s sleep.

Where to Buy Lavender

Lavender can be purchased online at a number of sites. In your own area, look for health food stores, area farms, gift shops, craft shops, and local small businesses that carry natural products. Look for dried lavender, the essential oils, or homemade products such as bath soaps, bath salts, lotions, and perfumes. For those who love to travel, try a lavender festival. You can also grow the herb yourself in a garden or window sill.


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