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Beautiful and Healthy Eyelashes

Nutrition for the eyebrows and eyelashes is something that we usually don’t even think about, but it is important.

That delightful upward curl of eyelashes has been so attractive in close-ups and photographs that famous beauties of screen and stage regularly would use a small soft brush on their eyelashes and then apply a very small amount of pure olive oil or Vaseline in that upward direction. This also helped the eyelashes curl normally and increased the length.

It has also been recommended to gently rub linseed (flaxseed) oil or vitamin E oil on your eyelids and eyelashes at bedtime to promote normal growth and help thicken the lashes. Flaxseed oil has a large amount of lignan, which is a highly-researched plant chemical and insoluble fiber. National Cancer Institute studies have found that lignans may possess preventative properties.

Some of today’s commercial treatments use keratin and botanical proteins dabbed on the root area of the hair follicles of eyelashes and eyebrows to nourish them, keep them healthy, strengthen them, and encourage them to grow. This also conditions eyelashes and aids in the protection from environmental damage and breakage.

What Contributes to Breakage

We don’t realize that there are so many things that contribute to the breakage of eyelashes such as harsh makeup remover, prolonged use of eye makeup, pulling, illness, aging, heredity, poor diet, some medications, too much exposure to the sun or certain chemicals, pollution, hormonal disturbances, stress, and other factors.

What Can Help

Nutrients that you can include in your diet or take as supplements play a large part in promoting healthy hair and skin such as vitamin A, B vitamins, beta carotene, the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, and brewer’s yeast. Vitamin A is found in fish liver oil. Lutein, in fruits and vegetables, helps protect the retina from ultraviolet (UV) light and free radicals. The B vitamins help prevent the loss of eyelashes. Brewer’s yeast is an excellent source of B vitamins and protein.

Taking a supplement of hyaluronic acid, which makes up 95% of the fluid inside the eye and transports nutrients into the eye, may be advised. This acid also appears to alleviate pain from arthritis of the knee and other joints.

A soothing herbal eye wash provides natural and long-lasting relief from dry or irritated eyes due to pollution, pollen, sun glare, wind, swimming, stress, air conditioning and heating, contact lens wear, and even computer work.

If you use a skin soothing mask or eye gel or cream, try storing those in the refrigerator for a refreshing treat, plus the chill factor helps against dark circles and under-eye bags!

Talk to Your Eye Doctor

First discuss with your eye doctor any of these methods or supplements and get his or her approval before you decide to try or eat certain things to help strengthen or add nutrition for the eyelashes or eyebrows. It is always important to have your eyesight checked regularly in order to rule out any problems and to preserve your precious vision.


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