Is Chicken Liver Healthy? All About Chicken Livers

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Health Benefits of Chicken Livers

Are chicken livers healthy? At first glance, they contain a lot of nutrients – especially those that can be difficult to get from other sources. Just an ounce of chicken livers contains a whopping 62% of vitamin A, 41% of folate, and 77% percent of vitamin B12. It also provides you with 9% of your protein for the day.

But perhaps more importantly, an ounce of chicken livers provide your body with 14% of the iron your body needs daily. Because many people today are anemic and do not consume enough iron, eating several ounces of liver daily can help them meet their necessary iron requirements. Chicken livers are also surprisingly low in fat, and for those who are on a diet with limited carbs, they contain no carbohydrates.

Cholesterol and Chicken Livers

There is one downside to chicken liver consumption, however. The cholesterol levels in chicken livers are exorbitantly high, with each ounce providing 32% of the recommended daily cholesterol. People who are watching their cholesterol levels should probably enjoy liver only very rarely because of this.

How to Prepare Chicken Livers

In order to get the best taste from chicken livers, it is important to drain all of the liquid from them and then broil them. You can then stir fry onions and add chopped up pieces of liver to the pan. Add spices as desired and cook until you can cut a chunk of liver in half and see that it is cooked all the way through (a pink spot in the middle of the liver shows that it is not sufficiently cooked).

How to Prepare Chopped Liver

One traditional dish in many European countries, especially among those of Ashkenazi Jewish decent, is chopped liver. To make chopped liver, follow the directions for preparing the chicken livers and onions, and let them chill in the refrigerator for several hours. Then grind them in a food mill or similar device along with some hard boiled eggs. Add some oil and mix well. You can serve balls of chopped liver along with balls of egg salad on a bed of vegetables for a delicious and nutritious (although high in cholesterol) meal.

So are chicken livers healthy? When eaten in moderation by people who are battling high cholesterol, chicken livers can be a nutritious addition to your diet.