Comparing Ground Turkey to Ground Beef

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Ground Turkey

Ground turkey is the healthiest choice of meat. Turkey has more protein and less fat and cholesterol over any other type of meat. When you reduce the fat in your diet you reduce the chance of heart disease and becoming obese.

Ground turkey is a great alternative to ground beef in any meal. If a recipe calls a pound of ground beef, switch it out with a pound of ground turkey instead. Not only does this meat have a great taste but the health rewards are countless. Getting your family to make the switch may be one of the healthiest choices you can ever make.

Nutritional Values of Ground Turkey vs. Ground Beef

Once you see the nutritional values of ground turkey versus ground beef you will see why every family is making the switch.

When comparing meat you want to look four different nutritional facts. Calories, fat, protein and the cholesterol content. You want calories, fat and the cholesterol content to be as low as possible while wanting protein to be on the higher side.

Three ounces of ground turkey has 190 calories while three ounces ground beef has 248 calories. There is one gram of fat in ground turkey and ground beef has 18 grams. The cholesterol levels have a major difference. While ground turkey has 55 milligrams, ground beef has 76 milligrams. And finally, ground turkey has 26 grams of protein and ground beef as 20 grams.

* These nutritional values are based on 3 ounces of cooked ground meat.

Making the Switch

Switching from ground beef to ground turkey doesn’t have to be hard. There are small steps that you can take to make it easier for the entire family.

First, use only substitute 50 percent of ground beef for ground turkey. This can help your family acquire the taste at a slower rate. As time goes by slower add more turkey until you are at 100 percent. Also, trying substituting it in a meal that requires plenty of seasoning. Seasoning your ground turkey just right is key. The seasoning hides any taste that your family may not be used to. A good recipe to start with is ground turkey tacos.

Making the full switch does not have to be hard. You can take small steps or jump right in and go full force with it. All families are different but explaining the overall health benefits can be the key. Enjoy!!