Eating Healthy at Disneyland - Nutrition Tips & Tricks

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When you’re on vacation it can be tough to keep eating healthy. In a place like Disneyland it can be even harder. Everywhere you turn there is a churro or an ice cream cart and the smell of fresh buttered popcorn wafts through the air. Although sometimes it can be hard to eat healthy on vacation it is not impossible. Knowing what your different options and what to look for can make it simple to stay on track.

Eat Before You Get to the Park

Go to breakfast before entering the park in the morning and if possible have cold cereal or some other healthy option either in your room, if you have a mini fridge, or at a local eatery. Try sticking with whole grains and high protein low fat foods. Whole wheat toast or pancakes, fresh fruit, eggs or egg beaters, turkey bacon, and orange juice are the kinds of foods that are going to keep you fueled during your jaunt in the park.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water and try to avoid soft drinks all together. Soda only makes you more dehydrated. Try bringing your own reusable bottle and filtration pitcher. That way you can fill up in your room each morning and refill your bottle as needed in the restaurants around the park. Remember that most of the time if you are feeling hungry you are probably thirsty as well. Make sure to drink at least the recommended 64oz a day and more during the summer months.

Stick With Healthier Options

When you do find yourself eating in the park, try looking for healthier options. Try skipping the churros and ice cream carts and heading for the fresh fruit. Sure it’s okay to indulge once or twice but if you’re eating churros and ice cream everyday you’ll notice it on your midsection. Try the Bengal café, where you can get freshly barbequed chicken shish-kabobs also look for the dole whip stands which offer fruit blended treats that are a cool and sweet alternative to ice cream.

Bring Snacks from Home

Make a trip to the local grocery store. Pick up individually wrapped snacks like granola bars, chewy oatmeal bars, trail mix packages, or all natural fruit snacks. Carry a few of these in your bag during the day to keep yourself feeling full or at least to keep you from going overboard at Pizza Port. Speaking of pizza port, check out their fresh Caesar and house salads and consider these in lieu of the pizza or pasta options.

By making smarter decisions during your trip to Disneyland you can continue eating healthy even while on vacation. It’s important to stay on track as much as possible to keep getting back into your healthy routine easy and natural.