A List of Filling, Low-Calorie Foods for Dieters

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The typical lettuce salad just isn’t filling enough for you? Try some squash or zucchini to fill out your meals. Squash is simple to make – just bake it, facedown in a pan with a bit of water in the bottom. (You may want to line the pan with parchment paper first. See this article for more tips on cooking spaghetti squash and other squashes.) Zucchini can be thinly coated with cooking spray and sprinkled with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder. You can also try some baked turnips or parsnips for a filling, low-calorie treat.


Many fruits can be filling, low-calorie foods, such as apples, pears, and peaches. Many types of melons are also low in calories, and they can be a filling snack, or even a breakfast. Cottage cheese is relatively low calorie, so adding a small amount of cottage cheese to a bowlful of melons can produce a filling, low-calorie meal.


Many meat and poultry products are high in calories compared to other foods. However, tofu has only 73 calories in 100 grams, which is relatively low. Lentils are another good option for low-calorie dieters, with only 50 calories in 100 grams. Lentil soups or stews, or tofu stir-fries with low-calorie vegetables, are ideal ways to include protein in a low-calorie diet. Egg white are also filling, low-calorie foods, so egg white omelets and scrambled egg whites make great low calorie meals. You can add some low-calorie vegetables and spices to the egg whites to make them even more satisfying.

Other Filling, Low-Calorie Foods

Oatmeal is very filling, and relatively low in calories. Although adding sugar, honey, or other sweeteners can add unnecessary calories to your meal, you can also spice it up with some cinnamon, low-calorie fruits and berries, or other additions.

You can also try some boiled or mashed beans as a filling, low-calorie alternative to ground meat. These are great in low-calorie chili, stews, or even plain, as a snack. (You may need to add some salt or spices to make them more palatable.

Popcorn or baby corn can also be filling and satisfying snacks that are low in calories. Try adding various spices to popcorn to vary its flavor.