How to Eat a High Fiber Gluten Free Diet

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High Fiber Grains

Gluten free grains can be lower in fiber than gluten containing grains, like whole wheat, oatmeal, and rye. Rice flours and commonly used starches are lower in fiber than many grains. Still, quinoa is a great source of fiber. It makes a wonderful side dish. Use quinoa in place of rice for a healthy, high protein, high fiber meal. Quinoa has 7 grams of fiber per serving, making it a great boost to a gluten free diet. Quinoa flour is available, and is high in fiber as well as nutrition. Used with other gluten free flours, quinoa flour makes a great pizza dough or bread.

In addition to quinoa, add brown rice to your diet for a hypoallergenic, yet high fiber grain. Brown rice retains the most nutrients of any variety of rice. White rice is more processed, and loses some of the nutrients and fiber that brown rice keeps. Brown rice is great in soups, stir-fries, puddings, and as a side dish. Brown rice will add 3 grams of fiber per serving to your diet.

High Fiber Fruits and Veggies

High fiber diets, gluten free or not, will always contain plenty of fruits and vegetables. Luckily, produce is gluten free. Eat a green salad for lunch with spinach leaves, broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes. You’ll get a fiber boost of at least 7 grams. Apples with peanut butter are a great snack, and they are full of fiber too. Try a fruit salad for dessert, and you’re sure add an additional 3-5 grams of fiber to your daily fiber intake. Dried dates are a sweet way to get more fiber into your gluten free diet. Dates have around 4 grams of fiber per serving.

Eating a rainbow variety of fruits and vegetables is the easiest way to ensure that you get plenty of fiber in your diet. Eat fruits and vegetables of many different colors each day, and you’ll be sure to get plenty of nutrients along with lots of fiber.

While gluten free diets can be typically lower in fiber, it doesn’t have to be the case. There are plenty of ways to add fiber to your gluten free diet, including high fiber gluten free grains, as well as a variety of fruits and vegetables. With a little planning you can enjoy the healthiest of high fiber diets, and still stay free of gluten.