Healthy Cooking Tips

So you’ve been buying more fruits and vegetables, reading food labels and doing all those things that are supposed to make you a healtheir eater. But how do you continue your healthy habits into the kitchen? Find a wide array of healthy cooking tips and techniques that will ensure you get the optimum nutrients out of your food. You’ll find ideas for new cooking methods to try like grilling or steaming, or healthy swaps like using apple sauce in place of oil when baking. This is just the start of the many new cooking and baking ideas to explore.

Cooking with a Wok & How to Use a Wok

Cooking with a wok provides an alternative for frying your food. You can enjoy a lighter meal without heavy oils and saturated fats. This article discusses a few types of woks and wok accessories, how to prepare for wok cooking, and how to clean your wok.