Healthy Cooking Tips

So you’ve been buying more fruits and vegetables, reading food labels and doing all those things that are supposed to make you a healtheir eater. But how do you continue your healthy habits into the kitchen? Find a wide array of healthy cooking tips and techniques that will ensure you get the optimum nutrients out of your food. You’ll find ideas for new cooking methods to try like grilling or steaming, or healthy swaps like using apple sauce in place of oil when baking. This is just the start of the many new cooking and baking ideas to explore.

How to Dry Habanero Peppers

Learning how to dry habanero peppers allows home cooks to preserve fresh chilies for up to one year and create tasty, spicy dishes without relying on store bought blends. While drying peppers is easy, proper selection and handling is an important component of the process.

Storing habanero peppers

Habanero peppers are known for their fiery, spicy taste. While storing them it is important to retain their flavor and aroma. Storing habanero peppers is not that difficult.They can be stored fresh, dry, or preserved by freezing or canning.

How to Prepare Tofu Safely

If you are looking for a low cholesterol food that is rich in protein and minerals, then you should seriously consider including tofu in your diet, especially if you are a vegetarian. Here are tips on how to prepare tofu with care to prevent food poisoning.

The Best Herb Substitutes for Fresh Sage

Sage is a popular seasoning and flavoring agent. While no herb or spice can completely replicate fresh sage, some substitutes for fresh sage such as marjoram, rosemary, thyme, and others come close to providing the same flavoring and seasoning.

Learn How to Prepare a Pomegranate

Learning how to prepare a pomegranate can help add more nutrition and flavor to a wide variety of meals. Pomegranates can be consumed raw, juiced or included in a number of recipes for main courses, soups, salads and much more.

Quick Tips on How to Prepare Morel Mushrooms

The health benefits of mushrooms, including morel mushrooms, have been known for ages. However, you must exercise caution in the selection and preparation lest you end up with food poisoning. Let’s look at safe ways on how to prepare morel mushrooms.

Tips on How to Prepare Fava Beans

If you’re looking for a nutritious low calorie food to include in your diet, you should seriously consider fava beans. Here are tips on how to prepare fava beans to ensure you get to reap their full health benefits.