Lean How to Cook Navy Beans

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So Good For You

Navy beans are filled with fabulous health and nutritional benefits. Each one cup serving provides 14.8 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and 40.3 grams of carbohydrates. These carbs are the good kind, as they provide the energy your body needs to remain healthy and active. Additionally, just one serving of navy beans will also provide your body with 790 milligrams of potassium, 281 milligrams of phosphorous, 95 milligrams of calcium with only 13 milligrams of sodium. Knowing how to cook navy beans is the key to enjoying this powerhouse food.

Navy beans can be purchased dried in bags, or precooked in cans. While purchasing canned beans saves you time and preparation, you will gain unwanted salt as it is often added to the beans during the canning process. If you choose canned beans, you can eliminate some of that salt by carefully rinsing the beans before you use them. Dried beans should be washed and soaked overnight. Beans expand during soaking. Usually, one cup dried beans will provide 2 to 3 cups after soaking. The longer the dried beans have been on your shelf, the longer the soaking time prior to cooking. Always discard the water used to soak the beans. It will not only provide more flavorful meals, but also more digestible ones.

Navy beans are wonderfully versatile, adding a hint of rich bean flavor to virtually any style of cooking. Include them in your favorite tacos, chilies, stews and soups for a hearty meal. Puree the beans and add them to sauces and dips for increased protein and fiber. A simple and tasty basic bean recipe would be to add one quarter of a pound (each) of navy, pinto, white and black beans to an onion that has been quartered, some crushed garlic to taste and a pinch of salt. Cook in your slow cooker on high for eight hours. When it is finished, you have a delicious bean dish that can be served with some reduced fat sour cream, salsa and a salad for a fabulously healthy and inexpensive meal your family will love.

Fabulous First Step

This simple bean dish can be used as a first step for a variety of other meals. Add some reduced salt tomato sauce and spoon it into tacos. Mix in some cooked ground beef or beef substitute and chili powder and viola, a hearty chili everyone will love. You can even add the beans to some steamed brown rice and a little cumin to taste for a fabulous beans and rice dinner, with a twist.

Enjoy The Navy Bean

Navy beans are versatile, healthy and nutritious. They are also economical and delicious. When you know how to cook navy beans, you can enjoy them in salads, soups, stews, and a host of other dishes. Happy cooking.


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