Help! It's Hanukkah! How Can I Possibly Stay on My Diet Now?

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Let’s Face It, It’s All About The Oil!

To understand the challenge of maintaining a nutritious diet during Hanukkah, one must understand the holiday of Hanukkah. In a nutshell, Hanukkah commemorates the victory of the Maccabees over the Seleucids and the miracle of the oil, enough for only one day, staying lit in the Temple for eight.

Because of the significance of light and oil with respect to Hanukkah, fried foods are often served. Latkes (potato pancakes) and soufganiot (fried donuts) top the list of delectable goodies and are so delicious, they always make the holiday of Hanukkah complete.

Yet, although our stomachs and taste buds revel in the flavors, our waistlines and consciences don’t!

But what can we do? How can we possibly create a healthier Hanukkah meal…after all, when it comes to the food at holiday time, it’s tradition!

Keeping Perspective - Keeping A Balance

During Hanukkah, keeping track of your nutritional health is as easy as three simple steps:

One serving

Include power veggies

Let yourself enjoy

1. One serving

One of the biggest diet and nutrition challenges we face is during the holiday season…especially with all the amazing holiday season meals! After all, the food is so good! And who wants to spend time weighing and measuring?


That’s right, don’t. Think about it this way. If you are going to enjoy the holiday season, and you stick to one portion, you will be able to share in all the joys of Hanukkah, without the guilt! You will be happier, because you aren’t omitting or prohibiting favorites dishes you have enjoyed in the past, plus you will not be tempted to binge later because of the frustration of having withheld the foods you really wanted! Just remember, one serving…not one of everything!

Include Power Veggies

Power veggies come in all shapes and sizes, even in traditional holiday foods! Figs and dates are fabulous and contain loads of calcium, potassium and vitamin A. Chop them up with some finely chopped apples, broccoli and drizzle with a little bit of honey and you have a new twist to an old traditional food that is delicious and oh so good for you!

Be sure to have a power veggie with your meals, even if it is a simple salad. Try a salad with romaine, spinach, tomatoes and a light vinaigrette. This amazing power salad is the perfect compliment to any meal!

Let Yourself Enjoy

The most important part of Hanukkah is spending it with those you love, sharing in the memories and traditions of this miraculous season. Spending time worrying about last night’s dinner or tonight’s Hanukkah party will cause you angst, and stress out your family and friends. Enjoy! Indulge! And remember, it is about family, faith, food, and friends…not fasting!

Happy Hanukkah!