The Benefits of Grilling & The Difference Between Grilling & Barbecuing

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Using different cooking techniques when preparing food can make a huge difference in the way food tastes and with the nutrition benefits of the food. Many different types of food are able to be grilled, such as different cuts of meats and vegetables. To maximize the flavor benefits of grilling food there are simple tips to remember while grilling. It is important to remember that barbecuing is not the same as grilling.

Barbeque vs. Grilling

Although the methods of barbecuing and grilling are very similar, they are not the same cooking technique. Barbecuing requires food to be cooked slowly over a low temperature, usually between 180 degrees to 300 degrees. The flavor of barbecued food is different from grilled food because the barbecue produces a smoky flavor and is often covered with sauces. Barbecued food requires more planning than grilling, which can often be done on an impulse.

Grilling Methods

Grilling food is mainly done in three different ways. The most common technique used to grill food consists of using under-heat grilling. This involves the food to be placed on a grill rack over a charcoal or gas grill. It is important to preheat the grill before cooking when using this technique. The temperature to grill is recommended to be above 500 degrees. Using this form of grilling naturally enhances the flavor of the food.

The second most common method for grilling food is broiling. This is different from grilling on a grill rack because it is done in an over-head cooking oven. As with using a grill rack, it is vital for the oven to be properly preheated. The food is cooked very quickly using this method but does not produce a smoke flavor or grill marks.

The third common form of grilling is pan grilling. This is usually used for tender cuts of meat. A cast-iron pan is used to cook the food. The pan needs to be seasoned so the food does not stick. Often, a dish will be cooked on a grilling pan and then placed into a preheated oven to finish the dish. There are many other forms of grilling food besides these three. has other grilling techniques that can be used to cook food.

Benefits and Risks

Grilling food can be healthier to eat than other forms of cooking. When grilling food, the fat on the meat drips off automatically making the food healthier. More fat is often taken off the meat using grilling than other cooking methods. It is even better to trim the fat off the meat before grilling it.

Many believe grilled food may have certain health risks because of the gas or charcoal used to grill. Certain chemicals or fumes that are released from the gas or charcoal can enter the food possibly causing health risks.

Grilling food is not for everyone but can often be turned into a family event. If food is prepared on an outdoor grill it can be a perfect family activity. has many different grilling recipes for multiple forms of meals.