Nano Sphygmomanometers Overview

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You may not know the term sphygmomanometer, but the chances are that you have seen one, maybe several times. Its other name is “blood pressure cuff.” The bulky and uncomfortable device is found in hospitals, doctor’s offices, emergency rooms and ambulances. A person trained in the use of the “cuff” can tell if a patient has high blood pressure, low blood pressure or even if the patient is in shock. Some stores even have “cuffs” so that their customers can monitor their own blood pressure.

Why Sphygmomanometers are Important for Your Health

High blood pressure affects millions of people all over the world. It is a leading cause of strokes and heart attacks, many of which are fatal. Those at risk for high blood pressure related problems need to have it monitored frequently. Until recently, the monitoring took place in a doctor’s office, hospital or emergency room and required a person trained in the use of the sphygmomanometer to operate it and determine the results. There’s a new device that will keep people out of doctors offices and allow the monitoring to be done at any time of the day or night.

How Nanotechnology Can Safeguard Your Health

Patients can now have a nano sphygmomanometer implanted to provide a constant monitoring of their blood pressure and report any changes to their physician in real time. The new technology has produced a tiny device that fits into a blood vessel and instantly reports any change in blood pressure through a wristwatch type of transmitter that the patient wears. Both piezoelectric and a semi-conductor, the nano wire is the creation of Zhong Lin Wang It is a little less than an inch in length, plastic coated down the center, with wire clusters protruding from both ends. The slightest change in blood pressure is noted and transmitted to the doctor. A stroke or heart attack can be prevented by catching the symptoms as soon as they begin.


Prevention is better than cure, especially if the disease that is being prevented is a deadly one. Zhong Lin Wang has come up with a way for nanotechnology to save countless lives by alerting physicians to their patients’ condition before serious trouble can arise. Nanotechnology is a fast growing science and the researchers are finding new ways to fight disease before remedial measures become necessary. The nano sphygmomanometer will save millions of lives by catching blood pressure changes before they can do damage to the patient.