What is eHealth?

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eHealth (also written as: E-Health, EHealth, e-Health. Etc.) is widely discussed on the internet but do you fully comprehend this promising field? Today we will look deeper into the health aspect and why it is important to our future.

What is The Definition of eHealth?

eHealth refers to various information and services that is either shared or modified through technology such as the internet. The term itself emerged in the year 2000. It includes virtually all of the aspects associated with medical informatics but also sets the main focus around sending clinical data.

What does eHealth Encompass?

A broad range of elements are covered by eHealth such as:

  1. Telemedicine
  2. EMR (Electronic Medical Records)
  3. Health Informatics
  4. MHealth
  5. Evidence Based Medicine

Of course these are certainly not every facet of eHealth and as time goes on and technology grows more will be added to this list.

What Does this Mean For Us?

This is probably the most pondered question among those people that are new to this practice. This is one of the many new ways that technology can benefit the world. It is true that technology can often times be just as bad for mankind as it is good but not when it comes to eHealth.

To date, not many concerns are raised and those that are pale in comparison to the countless advantages.


So, to recap; eHealth is an informative and interactive method that both patients and health care professionals can come together and share information with others in the profession from around the world. Regardless of location, medical issue, health concern, etc. health care physicians can discuss data as well as past experience to provide the best possible solutions for the patient.

In doing this, electronic health records are employed to record all information and notes into an easily and readily accessible outlet (the internet) to minimize oversights and possible problems that the traditional paper work used to bring with it. The doctors now have all history and notes from other practitioners to help them further understand every aspect of the patient at hand.