What is the Microsoft HealthVault?

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HealthVault Overview

Microsoft, we all know the name. But what is this brilliant company doing now to help make our lives easier and more convenient? Well, they have introduced their very own version of PHR (Personal Health Record) open to the public called the HealthVault. Now obviously this is not a new idea, in fact it has been around for quite some time. But the highly skilled staff at Microsoft has developed their own unique system.

Online personal health record systems like the HealthVault promise to be a much more efficient, not to mention convenient way to manage our medical data. Microsoft is currently working on various aspects to design this tool to be a more efficient information sharing source for patients and all of their doctors.

Special HealthVault Features

Some of Microsoft’s HealthVault features include a more enhanced and advanced security/privacy protection for users as well as:

  • Easy ways for health providers, insurance companies hospitals and patients to all access and add information.

  • Comprehensive solutions for parents who are managing their children’s records.

  • One of the best features is allowing the medical personnel to send and receive data without having to switch their current technology applications.

These are just some of the ways that Microsoft is trying to make HealthVault a device for every person to use with ease. This information sharing technology is gaining in popularity because of its portability and convenience. It is no surprise that Microsoft has already begun to fine tune it with their own version.


Even though people are taking their time to get signed up for these PHR systems Microsoft is confident that HealthVault will be a success as they continue to modify and perfect the system and the efficacy thereof. Their primary goal is to make the HealthVault system able to retrieve and store medical data directly from devices such as heart, blood pressure, etc. monitors as well as providing a safe, secure outlet for doctors and patients to share vital information to assure the best health care possible for people everywhere.