Features of WebMD - Use it to Check Symptoms, Identify Pills, Even Find a Doctor

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WebMD: The Best Information Website for Medical and Health Content

WebMD is a popular information portal that focuses specifically on medical and health content. While there are many competing sites, it is one of the most successful because of the wide range of features included in the site. Another attractive characteristic of the site is that it is completely free for users. Many similar sites require users to pay to read premium content, but all of the content on WebMD is available for users at all levels. Knowing the features available on Web MD can help users benefit from this piece of health care technology.

Today on Web MD

The Today on WebMD feature highlights some of the articles that were most recently posted. This is a valuable feature because it lets users know what topics of importance are on a particular day. These featured topics usually revolve around specific events or seasons. For example, users can generally find articles on protecting your skin from the sun during the summer. Busy people can check out Today on WebMD to get important information without having to search the entire site.

Web MD Symptom Checker

The WebMD symptom checker is one of the most popular features on the WebMD site. This tool allows users to pick one or more symptoms and find out what diseases and medical conditions could be causing them. Users select their gender and are then able to click on specific parts of the body such as the chest and the abdomen to select their symptoms. A general symptoms tab lists symptoms that aren’t specific to one body part, such as fatigue and fever.

Web MD Find a Doctor and Find a Hospital

The Find a Doctor feature of the site allows users to search for a doctor using specific criteria. These criteria could include geographic location, doctor’s last name, or medical specialty. The Find a Hospital feature allows users to find hospitals based on location, specialty, or type of procedure being performed.

Web MD Pill Identifier

The pill identifier is a very useful feature that allows users to identify prescription medications, vitamins, and over-the-counter pills. You can search by the shape or color of the tablet, or you can enter any letters or numbers that are imprinted on the tablet. This is an especially useful feature if you recently had a prescription filled and the pills look different than they usually do.

WebMD is an informative Web site that allows people to take advantage of health care technology right from the comfort of their own homes.