The Benefits of the WebMD Symptom Checker

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Benefits of the Web MD Check Symptoms Feature

Web MD ( has a unique feature known as the WebMD Symptom Checker, which can be very beneficial for several groups of people. The Web MD check symptoms feature allows users to select one or more symptoms from a list and match those symptoms to possible illnesses or medical conditions. While users must be careful while using this feature, there are some groups of people that benefit greatly from its use.

The WebMD Symptom Checker Feature & Brand New Parents

Brand new parents who have limited experience caring for another person may find this symptom checker feature to be very helpful in deciding when to call the pediatrician about their baby’s medical symptoms. Because the Web MD check symptoms feature alerts users when certain symptoms require immediate medical attention, new parents may be able to get their baby the care it needs more quickly by using this feature and finding out if a situation is truly an emergency.

The Web MD Check Symptoms Feature & Uninsured People

People without medical insurance often agonize over their medical symptoms. Even if they are in pain, they may want to avoid going to the doctor or emergency room because of the costs associated with doing so. Using the WebMD Symptom Checker can help uninsured people determine if they absolutely need to call the doctor or go to the hospital, or if they can visit an urgent care clinic or community clinic instead.

The Web MD Check Symptoms Feature & People with Chronic Illnesses

People with chronic illnesses suffer from a wide range of symptoms, some of which may be unanticipated. Because people with chronic illnesses spend so much money on medications and insurance co-pays when visiting the doctor, they would benefit from this tool. Using the Web MD check symptoms feature can help chronic illness sufferers determine if symptoms are a natural part of their illnesses or if they warrant a medical examination.

Precautions with the Web MD Check Symptoms Feature

As always when using the Internet to find medical information, consumers should use caution when using the Web MD Symptom Checker tool. If chest pain, very high fever, or other serious symptoms appear, call your doctor immediately. Do not rely on Web MD to help you diagnose a medical problem for yourself or someone in your family. If symptoms persist, only the appropriate examination and diagnostic testing will yield an accurate diagnosis.