What is a Clinical Decision Support System?

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First let’s break down the term “Clinical Decision Support System” and learn what is behind every decision support system. In a simple definition, it is an array of computer oriented informational structures that support the decision making process. There are obviously several facets that go into this type of complex system which include but are not limited to the use of:

  • artificial intelligence

  • interactive computers

  • simulations

  • telecommunications

A clinical decision support system is a place where human minds come together with computer systems to become active in knowledge and produce case specific advice by using patient records.

So the overview of the specific term ‘clinical decision support system’ is actually very easy to understand. It is a method that integrates the patient’s medical information with a medical database in order to generate specific medical advice.

What Are The Benefits Of A Clinical Decision Support System?

As you can probably imagine the benefits are endless. The need for a more efficient medical advice is needed and valued so highly that the idea of a fully functioning system that can provide such knowledge is very appealing to patients and medical professionals alike. But let’s explore the deeper side of these benefits.

  1. Improves efficiency
  2. Can be used as a training/learning tool
  3. Provides more organized control
  4. Rapid problem solving
  5. Exposes new advances
  6. Consistently provides new evidence to support a decision

Of course these are only some of the perks associated with a clinical decision support system. As you can plainly see, it has the potential to unlock many doors for the good of all people and help tremendously in the medical field when it comes to doctors giving advice. Clinical decision support systems are being implemented everywhere and as more professionals learn how fast and efficient this method is, advice will be expedited in a far better manner.