The Emergency Information Network

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People with medical problems need to take special precautions during large scale emergencies, such as floods, hurricanes and tornadoes. Having the right medical supplies at hand is always a good idea. If a storm is coming, make sure all your prescriptions are filled and easily available. Have your generator ready to use in case of a power failure. Be sure insulin is properly stored for use if there is no refrigeration for days or even weeks. Make sure your escape routes are readily available in case an evacuation becomes necessary. Disasters and emergencies can come up very quickly so preparedness is the best step a person can take before a disaster happens.

Preparing for an Emergency

Among the things that a person can do to insure their safety during an emergency situation is to make sure their medical records are safely stored in a data base. It’s too easy to forget every medication you’ve ever taken or what you may be allergic to, especially in a high stress situation such as a make-shift emergency room with a doctor you’ve never met. A doctor who doesn’t know you could inadvertently prescribe the wrong medications and make you very sick. Your physician and pharmacist have the means to upload your pertinent information into a data base that no storm or emergency can damage. Whatever treatment you may need can be listed and easily accessible for any doctor to use.

Medical Emergencies During a Large Scale Emergency

Suppose another Katrina-strength hurricane strikes the Gulf coast and you’re there! Whether you live there or are just visiting, you could be caught up in the disaster. Can you remember every medication you’ve ever taken? Can you recall what allergies you have? Probably not, at least not in an emergency situation where your life may depend on it. However, if all your medical is in a computerized data base, provided by modern technology, the doctor can get all your information immediately and treat you in the safest and most appropriate manner.


Being prepared for any eventuality is the surest way to improve your chances of survival during any type of emergency. Modern technology in the information age has the ability to make sure that all your information is readily available no matter what is going on around you. The Emergency Information Network will be available via the Internet. In the event of a power failure, laptops will be able to get the necessary information.Taking advantage of it before a disaster or emergency strikes can be a great help after the fact. Ask your doctor about the Emergency Information Network!