What is an Employee Empowerment Tool? What Does it Have to Do with Health Care Technology?

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Another word for “empowerment” is responsibility. If a person is responsible for his/her own health, they can be called “empowered.” According to www.myhealthcoach.com “We integrate our understanding of behavior change into all aspects of corporate wellness programs: awareness and assessment, communication and education, employee empowerment, which creates employee engagement.” Every company wants to have healthier employees, who spend less time taking sick days and use less of the companies medical plans. Employee Empowerment Tools are the means to keep healthy people working and more productive.

What is an Employee Empowerment Tool?

Hummingbird Coaching Services is one example of an Employee Empowerment Tool. Hummingbird offers computerized programs for keeping employees healthy and on the job. Diet, exercise, risk management and lifestyle advice are available to employees so they can take charge of their own health and well being needs. Hummingbird programs (and others like it) give all the necessary information to employees so that they can make lifestyle changes to benefit both themselves and their employers.

How can Employee Empowerment Tools Make a Difference?

Many American businesses with fifty or more employees are currently using some form of employee empowerment tools for health care. Healthier employees have fewer sick days and lose less time at work. Companies, large and small can only operate if their employees are on the job. Medical insurance is expensive and can be abused by dishonest people from all sides of a business. Employee Empowerment Tools, on the other hand, are less expensive and very practical when it comes to maintaining a healthy workforce. Putting employees in charge of their own well being seems to be working for those companies who use it.


Providing employees with the software to improve and protect their own health can be the best investment an employer can make! The empowerment programs have information on diet, exercise, medications, even how to quit smoking. Using the programs is proving beneficial for both the health of the employees who have been empowered and the companies they work for. Employee Empowerment Tools are creating a healthier work force, less reliant on medical technology after an illness begins than being able to prevent it before the fact. MyHealthCoach, Hummingbird, and QuenchUSA are Employee Empowerment programs that can keep people healthier and make our businesses run better. Modern technology is providing us with new means of both treatment and prevention that will have great benefits for everyone.