Diet for a New America | John Robbins Cover to Cover

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Until you question something that is routine, you will never know what is good or bad about the things you do on a regular basis. Although we require food for sustenance, have you ever thought about how the animals are raised for slaughter? Although it’s an unpleasant process to think about, it’s important to know what you’re taking part of. By reading John Robbins cover to cover, you will discover how a compassionate choice can have a positive impact on your health as well as the planet’s well being.


Robbins looks at the bigger picture and tries to answer all of the possible questions you might have. Factory farming has existed to keep up with your need for protein, but do we really need to get protein from animals? There are other sources of protein, so we can nourish our body properly without treating animals this way. The incredible stories about how interesting animals are and how intelligent they really are will make you think twice.

In addition to the inhumanity of factory farming, Robbins also discusses the impact meat has on our bodies and the world around us. Not only does meat increase our risk for heart disease, it also destroys the environment.

Style and Presentation

Diet for a New America is chalk full of facts and figures, which is why the book is so powerful. Without the tedious research and explanatory graphs and charts, Robbins wouldn’t be able to get the message across as effectively. Although you might feel inundated with research, it will inspire you to read more.

There are three sections to the book, which help divide the material in an easy to digest format. Section one is focused on animals and factory farming. Section two is about the health side of things, and section three wraps all of the information up for you.

Take Away Points

The most important take away point is that everything is connected. What we put into our body not only affects our health, but it also affects our environment and our relationship with animals. From day one, we have been told to eat meat, but this no longer has to be the norm. Living a healthier and happier life starts with having regard for all life forms, and once you reach this realization, you will be ready to eat "food for the caring heart."

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