Qigong for Healing with Francesco Garripoli

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Qigong Beginning Practice with Francesco Garripoli and Daisy Lee Garripoli

Qigong Beginning Practice is a qigong DVD set that teaches the viewer not only the basic principles and movements of qigong it also provides the viewer with an important foundation about the history of qigong and how qigong for healing has been successfully used for thousands of years.

Discover Qigong

Qigong (pronounced ‘chee gung’) is an ancient healing modality that has been practiced in China for thousands of years and today is an important part of the country’s healthcare system.

Qigong was developed thousands of years ago by many of the monks in China and is the basis from which today’s popular martial arts have been developed. With slow, flowing movements, deep breathing, and important visualizations qigong can enhance your life, physical health, and mental well being in ways never before experienced.

Qigong focuses on opening up the ‘chee’ or qi throughout the body. This qi is believed by qigong practitioners to be a vital life energy whose stagnation causes harmful blockages in the body resulting in illness, pain, and ultimately disease.

In this qigong DVD set you get one instructional DVD guiding you in the actual qigong movements and practices as well as a second qigong DVD that chronicles the history of this ancient healing modality and addresses scientific evidence regarding how qigong is successfully used for healing all over the world.

Meet Your Guide Francesco Garripoli

Francesco Garripoli leads you in this qigong DVD to discover and learn the basic principles of qigong as well as master many of the important workouts of qigong.

Garripoli is an internationally acclaimed qigong instructor who teaches this ancient art of health and healing around the world. Garripoli studied for many years in China, side by side with some of the greatest masters of qigong.

Leaving medical school in his twenties to discover a healthier way to live and heal, Garripoli arrived in Hawaii to study qigong. Soon after his studies began Garripoli experienced his own personal test as to the healing powers of qigong.

After being involved in a horrific car accident Garripoli was told he would never walk again. Rejecting the doctor’s prognosis Garripoli employed his own knowledge of the qigong for healing to recover. Today Garripoli is an excellent specimen of health. He walks, runs, and lives an active life. Garripoli has dedicated his life to teaching others this amazing way to live and to heal.

Explore the DVD

In this two part qigong DVD series you’ll learn the basics principles of qigong. These principles will get you started in this amazing healing art and include stance, hand movements, and discovering important energy centers.

Garripoli takes you step by step in learning some of the basic qigong workouts. These workouts can be used to boost the immune system, relieve aches and pains, focus the mind, and rest the spirit. Qigong achieves this by actively enhancing the flow of qi through the movements learned in this qigong DVD.

Some of the basic workouts include the Swimming Dragon to loosen joints, the Dragon Pearl to increase lung capacity and core strength, and Bagua Xun Dao Gong to stretch the leg muscles. These are just a few.

This qigong DVD finishes with teaching the ancient art of self massage which is recommended to do alone and at the conclusion of any qigong workout.

Qigong Beginning Practice is a clear, informative, easy to understand and follow introduction into the ancient healing art of qigong.