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Book Review: Raw Emotions, by Angela Stokes

written by: Diana Cooper • edited by: BStone • updated: 8/5/2009

Angela Stokes' amazing success at losing 160 lbs. and keeping it off has been featured on CNN. She is a beautiful person who has now written an amazing book, Raw Emotions, about the emotional ties we have to food and how we can gently break them and become healthier physically and mentally.

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    There is something about Angela Stokes' being that, when you read her book, makes you feel that you've made a new friend. She is so insightful and compassionate, genuine and truly concerned enough about the wellbeing of others that she is willing to be completely vulnerable and share her story with heartfelt, amazing truthfulness. Her new book Raw Emotions embodies the years of experience that Angela Stokes gained on her journey of going from a 300 lb. morbidly obese person, to a woman who successfully lost 160 lbs., but much more than that, became a fulfilled, wise, happy person through the process of facing her addiction to food and recovering from it.

    I rarely read a book that I feel I would want to read over and over and over, but this book is surely one that will not be collecting dust anytime soon. It is not a book about diet at all, but one about recognizing, facing and working through the very real occurrence of food addiction. In this current culture, where the standard American diet (SAD) reigns, many people do not suffer from lack of self control as much as they do from a literal addiction to food. Without addressing this emotional attachment to food, a diet may very well only give temporary weight loss success. If the food addiction aspect is not addressed, a person may likely gain their weight back and then some.

    Angela Stokes addresses this issue in a non confrontational, gentle and empathic way that is truly transforming. The book goes into great detail about the emotional recovery that happens when a person adds amazing, raw food nutrition to their body while at the same time learning to release behaviors that no longer serve them and add positive new patterns that enable them to move forward.

    Because food addiction is something that Angela Stokes herself has worked through and continues to work through on a regular basis, she successfully addresses the issue in an understanding and non-threatening way. The amount of self realization that occurs when a person ceases to use food as a method of self-medication in order to numb or comfort oneself instead of dealing with emotional challenges is enormous and is a large part of the healing process.

    The author definitely brings into play the importance of a raw food diet for total healing from food addictions. A raw food diet worked miracles for Angela Stokes and may be something you would love to try as well. Even if raw food is not your cup of tea, I would highly recommend this book for anyone who thinks they may be struggling with more than just a weight problem. If you are serious about overcoming your cravings and letting go of overeating, I highly recommend reading Raw Emotions to help you find balance in your food choices and lifestlye!

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