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Review of Tai Chi for Beginners DVD

written by: Stephanie Mojica • edited by: Lisa Lambson • updated: 7/26/2009

Tai Chi for Beginners is a DVD that offers both tai chi and qi gong workouts. This is a great tai chi DVD for those looking for both physical and spiritual fitness at home.

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    Element: Tai Chi for Beginners is a fitness DVD published by Anchor Bay Entertainment, which is a division of Starz. The format of this tai chi DVD is a beginner's guide to postures, a tai chi workout, and a qi gong workout. The format is accessible for even complete beginners to mind-body fitness.

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    Instructor Attitude

    The instructor of Tai Chi for Beginners is Samuel Barnes, a well-known tai chi and qi gong master. Barnes also owns a tai chi studio in Beverly Hills, California. He has a peaceful attitude, and is encouraging without being inappropriately perky.

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    Length of Workouts

    Each workout on Tai Chi for Beginners lasts about 20 minutes, which is ideal for beginners, those who already have an existing exercise regimen, or are pressed for time. Workouts can be combined for those desiring to do tai chi and qi gong for 40 minutes to an hour.

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    Calorie Burn Factor

    Those looking to burn calories will not be satisfied with Tai Chi for Beginners or virtually any tai chi DVD. Some of the postures are challenging, but ftai chi and qi gong both focus more on aligning the body properly, meditative movement, and proper breath than a cardio workout.

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    Background and Music

    Unlike some workout videos out there, Tai Chi for Beginners does not look like it was filmed in someone's living room. The producers state is was shot on location by the Pacific Ocean, and it seems the background and production value support this. The music is peaceful and spiritual. The soothing tunes add to create a tai chi and qi gong experience nearly as authentic as one might find at a class in a studio.

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    Value of DVD

    The list price of Tai Chi for Beginners is $14.98. As of July 2009, this tai chi DVD cost about $7.99 on Amazon. It was published in 2008.

    Whether Tai Chi for Beginners is purchased at the list price or the Amazon sale price, it provides a great value. It is rare for find a tai chi DVD that is so accessible to most anyone, and also has a qi gong workout. Considering the cost and availability issues with in-person classes, this mind-body fitness program provides a solid foundation for those interested in Eastern exercise styles.