Book Review: The Fast Track Detox Diet

The Fast Track Detox Diet

What began as an article for a popular magazine to create a one day weight loss miracle plan, led author Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., C.N.S. to a proven system of good health and weight loss that is outline in her astounding book The Fast Track Detox Diet.

Safely Detox

Detox diets are very trendy now and you can find many so called natural detox methods in the health food stores, pharmacies and even grocery stores. Do be sure to check these products out before purchasing them. If you are considering a detox diet, Gittleman offers all natural supplements to assist you with her plan. Based on her knowledge of how the human body truly functions as she explains quite well in The Fast Track Detox Diet, it would seem that the products she offers would be safe and reliable.

The Benefits of a Natural Detox

The Fast Track Detox Diet begins by explaining why everyone needs this book and the types of things that are making our bodies unhealthy, leading to obesity and disease. She explains very clearly and simply why and how important it is to prepare completely for a detox. She includes exactly the right combinations of liver loving and colon loving foods and avoiding things that could interfere with the success of your detox. She gives you the details you need to have for the seven day prequel to your fasting day to safely and effectively make the most of your detox. Included are even shopping lists to assist you in getting fully prepared for your detox diet.

There are warnings in The Fast Track Detox Diet that explain that for specific people or times fasting is not safe such as when pregnant or nursing or someone that has certain types of diseases like diabetes, for example. For those that are able to apply the principles of Gittleman’s one day detox, you will find yourself possibly feeling an increase in energy and clarity. You will feel lighter and cleaner and according to plenty of testimonials found in the book, you will probably lose weight. To address the issue of hunger during the one day fast, Gittleman includes the recipe for her Fast Track Miracle Juice, a blend of cranberry juice, citrus juices and spices that help reduce hunger, keep blood sugars balanced and up your metabolism.

The one day detox is followed by a 3 day sequel to re-enter food gently back into your system. This is a very important part of the process to avoid symptoms from the released toxins and possibly causing you to actually gain weight.

A New Lifestyle

By incorporating some of Gittleman’s methods into your regular diet, she explains how you can remain healthier all the time. She makes the whole plan much easier by including a chapter with shopping lists and meal plans followed by a chapter full of yummy sounding recipes to try. The Fast Track Detox Diet includes a wonderful resource section filled with various products, organizations and visualizations to help assist you in your detox and your fasting day.

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