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Rainbow Green Live Food-Cuisine, by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.: Book Review

written by: Finn Orfano • edited by: Diana Cooper • updated: 5/14/2009

This book is a comprehensive guide to using raw food as medicine to balance your body in order to reverse chronic disease and achieve optimal health. Gabriel Cousens is a medical doctor who found the "light" of natural health and uses his extensive knowledge to teach the reader how to get well.

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    The Book

    The book begins with a comprehensive discussion about why we have disease in the first place. Dr. Cousens presents his information as a theory and goes on to discuss how we can prevent disease using living foods. Gabriel Cousens is the founder and director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona. It is here that he is continually testing and putting into practice his theories.

    I found the information about different body types and their specific needs to be particularly helpful. He offers more information on this subject in his book, Conscious Eating which I plan to read next. Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine includes extensive information on developing the best diet for yourself, what kinds of foods to avoid and why as well as the health secrets of raw, living food. The information is easy to read and to incorporate into your life. Simply by reading the book I was able to figure out what was going on with my health and how to remedy it. This was further confirmed to be true by a naturopath which really was not necessary because the information set forth in the book was enough for me to know intuitively that what Dr. Cousens was saying about my particular situation was true.

    The author goes into some detail of the secrets of live food preparation making it simple enough for even the beginner. He discusses in detail the four phases of his healing diet and offers a menu complete with hundreds of recipes to assist anyone in their success on his diet lifestyle. After making many of the recipes the reader will easily be able to concoct meals to satisfy any taste they feel they miss from a cooked food diet.

    The book includes an extensive month by month section on feeding babies and children a live-food diet. I have given this book to many friends "with child" specifically just for this one section alone. He discusses in detail which foods to introduce when and each month includes new recipes to try as well.

    There is a very helpful section on eating raw while traveling as well as a section on how to prevent jet stress. The book also includes a helpful resources section as well as simple reference charts that make it easy to see which foods are permitted on each phase of the diet.

    This is the number one book I have referred to in my own healing of fungal overgrowth or Candida.

    After reading the book, I had a few questions and was able to have those answered by going to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center website and contacting a nice man in the "shop" named Scott. The center also has an online store where you can purchase very potent probiotics, systemic enzymes, raw snacks and treats, supplements, home accessories, skin care, books, fasting kits, etc...

    I highly recommend this book and way of life to anyone that is attempting to attain optimal health!!

    For more information please visit the Tree of Life online at

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