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Spring Forest Qigong: A Review

written by: bcronin • edited by: Lisa Lambson • updated: 3/18/2009

Qigong is ancient health modality regularly practiced in China. Spring Forest Qigong takes you on an in depth journey where you'll learn to practice qigong to improve your own health and heal others. This review will give you insight into this qigong program.

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    Spring Forest Qigong is a comprehensive, in depth program for practicing qigong exercises and using qigong to heal yourself and others.

    This program is in two parts; the first for health and the second for healing. Spring Forest Qigong for Health consists of 1 DVD, 6 CDs and a 40 page accompanying manual. The second part Spring Forest Qigong for Healing includes 1 DVD, 4 CDs, and a 40 page manual. Also included are 3 CDs to enhance mediation experiences as taught in the program.

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    What is Qigong?

    Qigong (pronounced "chee-gung") is an ancient Chinese health and healing modality. In China qigong is regularly practiced throughout the country and many can be seen in daily practice at the parks. Qigong is even an official part of the universal health care program in China.

    In qigong it is believed that stagnant qi (pronounced 'chee') leads to a host of physical and mental problems. From cancers and heart disease to daily aches and pains regular practice of qigong restores energy flow or qi and results in removal of disease and pain from the body.

    Qigong masters are also able to utilize their own qi to heal others. This too is a common practice in China.

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    Meet Master Chunyi Lin: Your Guide

    In Spring Forest Qigong, qigong Master Chunyi Lin leads you on a journey to vibrant health and healing through regular practice of qigong. Master Chunyi Lin has studied qigong for many years all over China, under the greatest masters of qigong like Master Yao and Master Zhang. Master Yao is a Buddhist monk at the Shaolin Temple in China.

    Chunyi Lin has mastered many qigong techniques, and used them in his own life for health maintenance and to heal others. He also extensively teaches qigong in the United States. In this program, Spring Forest Qigong, he offers you his expertise and gentle guidance.

    This program is a deep study of qigong and at first glance may seem overwhelming. This isn't the case. Each step of the process is clearly marked; the first CD even comes with a sticky note saying "Listen to this first!" You'll feel comfortable progressing from one CD to the next as Master Chunyi Lin takes his time to teach you fully each lesson. His gentle manner and deep spirituality comes across clearly in the DVDs and CDs.

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    An In Depth Exploration of Qigong for Health and Healing

    Some of the qigong DVDs and CD's I've used seem to rush through the exercises in an effort to fit more into the program; Spring Forest Qigong has a different approach. Time is spent mastering each exercise or ideal before moving on to the next. I like this about the program.

    In the first CD of the program you'll gain a deeper understanding of qigong, its history, and use today. This gives you a basic understanding you can grow with as you progress.

    The 6 CD's in the first part of the program are entitled:

    1. The Miracle of Qi Energy
    2. The Secrets of Qigong
    3. Exploring Active Exercises
    4. Helping Others Heal
    5. Active Exercise
    6. Sitting Mediation

    The manual is full sized, easy to read, and further explains the CD's and DVD with words, detailed photos, and tips. The manual for the second part follows a similar approach.

    The 4 CD's in the second part of this program are:

    1. Becoming a Successful Healer
    2. Special Healing Techniques
    3. Special Healing Techniques (2)
    4. Active Exercise Practice

    DVDs for both parts of the program show Master Chunyi Lin actively engaged with students in qigong study. The setting is free of distraction, peaceful, and the viewer feels a part of the actual class participants. Viewers watch as he actively engages in the exercises he's teaching you.

    If you're interested in learning qigong and are serious about it, I highly recommend this program. It's easy to understand and is a transformative, inspirational journey into qigong and its amazing health and healing capabilities.

    This is an involved program that takes time, discipline, and dedication. If you're willing to commit, the results may astound you.