A Book Review on the Natural Living Book "Back to Eden" by Jethro Kloss

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_Back to Ede_n was first published in 1935. A revised edition was published a few years later. Another revised edition was published in the late sixties, and a final revised edition was published in the late eighties. The later editions leave the original book intact, adding notations of current scientific knowledge. The author, Jethro Kloss, is considered by some to be one of the fathers of vegan health food nutrition. Kloss taught of the benefits of soy, ran his own health food store at one point, and dedicated his life to treating the sick through natural methods. Jethro Kloss lived a healthy life and died in the year 1946 at the age of 83. He left behind a wealth of knowledge on herbs, natural foods and healthy living.

The Book

Back to Eden is a complete book on healthy living. The book contains a wealth of information. Back to Eden contains healthy living advice. It is a book that educates the reader about nutrition and gives the reader healthy recipes. It is a medical encyclopedia that details herbs and their uses and diseases and their treatments. And it is a book on organic farming techniques. Back to Eden reads like an alternative health medical book. The book is well thought out and detailed. On top of it all, it is an interesting read. Kloss gives the reader an insight into his background and he details treatments he used to cure various illnesses throughout his years as an alternative health practitioner.

I recommend Back to Eden to anyone who is interested in a healthy lifestyle. It must be noted, that the book was published many years ago. Since the publishing of the book, new scientific advancements have been made. Newer revised editions include notations to provide the reader with more up to date information. Some of the terms that Kloss uses for medical conditions are no longer used today. Newer revised editions contain a glossary that defines the older medical terms used in the book. Even though the book was published so long ago, it is impressive how much of the book remains true and informative in current day times. I have a library full of books on natural health and yet I still find myself constantly referring to Jethro Kloss’ Back to Eden.

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