The Best Google Medical Apps for Doctors, Nurses, and Medical Students

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The Importance of Medical Apps for Your Mobile Phones

Mobile phones and the recent emergence of Smartphones have made it possible for users to have comprehensive information on almost everything with the touch of a button. Easiness of access to information is of paramount importance for doctors and medical practitioners to adequately treat their patients. If a call comes in the middle of the night, a doctor can quickly check his/her smartphone to get the needed information, which will help him or her make the best possible decision during an emergency.

In 2007, Google introduced a mobile operating system aimed at mobile phones. This system, called Android, has increasingly being used for a variety of purposes. Many Google medical apps for the medical field have been developed in this system so medical practitioners, nurses, pharmacists, medical students and many other health care professionals can be updated with the most reliable medical information available on earth.

Top Google Medical Apps

In 5 Minute Clinical Consult (5MCC), there are 700 medical conditions described. Doctor, nurses and med students can quickly check images, signs & symptoms and treatment options for any of these diseases.

Infectious diseases can be consulted in the Red Book medical app available on Google. Analysis and treatments are readily available for consultation with this medical application.

Anesthesia Central is one of the best Google medical apps for anesthesiologists, critical care specialists, nurse anesthetists and medical students. It has a fully-integrated database of diseases, drugs, tests, procedures and literature information.

In Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, doctors can find real life cases and fast answers for various ailments.

The Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis is geared towards the nursing profession. Nurses can access a lot of information on this application. The Handbook of Nursing Diagnosis helps nurses reach better informed decisions on diagnosis with remarkable speed and confidence.

Skin Rashes is a Google health application which is used to identify and treat common skin conditions including skin rashes, allergies, chickenpox, shingles, measles and other conditions.

On Track Diabetes was designed for patients who want to keep track of their diabetes. Blood glucose levels, exercise performed, food ingested, medication taken, blood pressure levels, pulse and weight can all be entered in this application with an easy-to-use interface. Graphs and reports can be generated and exported to different formats such as CSV, HTML and other formats.

A nice laboratory application can be found in Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests. Hundreds of laboratory and diagnostic test can be seen in this application. Info that can be drawn from this application includes: How to prepare the patient for the test and how to collect the sample, possible diagnosis for test results and factors that may have interfered with the lab results

These and many other Google Medical apps in Health Care Technology are available with Google. The majority are being developed by people in the medical field (doctors, nurses) who understand the importance of having in for ready and fast to make better decisions. Doctors, nurses, and many other health care professional can benefit from these medical apps available on Google.