The Top 5 Free Medical Apps for Android: Great Apps for Students and Health Care Professionals

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The top 5 free medical apps for Android are great for both students and health care professionals. These applications can be useful for anyone needing health and medical information quickly and conveniently. They are also free so if one does not fit the needs of the person using it, they can simply delete it and find another one that suits their medical requirements.


Epocrates began as an iPhone app, but has since expanded to Android. This app, though the application size is a little bigger than most, will not slow the phone down and opens quickly. It includes a variety of features. The Interaction Check allows users to check for drug interactions. Pill ID lets users identify pills by looking at photos of them and identifying them by their imprint codes and general appearance. The Drug Reference allows users to get a profile of different drugs and medications and offers extensive drug information. This app also includes tables, a Help feature and more than 40 clinical calculators.

PubMed Mobile

This is definitely one of the top 5 free medical apps for Android. It puts medical research at your fingertips. Users can quickly search for and read abstracts. However, full-text link capability is not an option at the time. Users can read the abstracts, send the articles to social networking websites, the printer or email and save articles and searches for future use.

Cardio Calc

This Android medical app is designed for anyone, both health care providers and caretakers who are managing and caring for patients with lipid disorders or heart disease. Cardio Calc contains cardiology decision support tools and clinical calculators, CHADS2 and the Framingham and Reynolds risk score.

SkyScape RXDrugs

This app is great for everyone needing to get information about medications. This dosing companion gives users the dosing guidelines for thousands of medications that are commonly used, both generic medications and brand name medications. This app also has almost 400 integrated drug dosing calculators that are weight-based. It also provides dosing guidelines on a large variety of medications, including cardiovascular, antimicrobial and so many more. One of the best features of this app is that the dosing guidelines are continuously updated.

Speed Anatomy

Speed Anatomy is more of a game than an application, but it is very useful nonetheless. This game will challenge users’ knowledge and test their speed of human anatomy. It will ask users to point to various organs and other body parts, such as the gallbladder, liver or incisor and see how quickly and accurately can they identify them. This is a great and fun way to learn and enhance a user’s knowledge of human anatomy.

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