What is Medical Simulation?

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Medical Simulation: A New Way To Train Medical Professionals

Many would ask, “What is medical simulation?” Well, it is an interactive way to further educate and train medical or health professionals. Medical simulations are a useful tool for hospital personnel, nurses, physicians, assistants, medical product manufacturers, and medical societies.

Clinical studies, real medical cases, and technology are combined to provide an enhanced learning platform. This comprehensive study program helps anyone learn with ease. The best part of it is that this method is a safe, inexpensive, realistic and effective learning tool. Medical simulation merges real life experiences and real life case studies to blend an innovative, all inclusive training program.

As with flight simulators for the studying pilot, an environment is created that makes you aware of typical surroundings, mechanical issues, emergency situations and more, the same is constructed for medical students. Medical simulators today replicate a patient using intricate mannequins. They can talk and tell you what symptoms they are having, they can respond to drugs that are “prescribed” and it is all linked to real equipment so the learning individual can make those crucial decisions. Even such simple things as inoculations to more complicated procedures can be duplicated to fit the immediate need.

There is also computer based medical simulation training course that provides a high level of interactive education which is primarily used for teaching fast and efficient decision making skills. A large database of information offers an easy to use design which allows the virtual simulator to assess clinical knowledge in the learning subject.

According to the Institute of Medicine, medical mistakes claim the lives of more than 95,000 people a year. With so many emergency situations in the world today, there are even more reasons than just the mere fact that medical errors occur. For training people who are interested in the medical profession in a timely yet highly effective manner for combat, domestic, and throughout all types of health and medical fields this is a cost efficient way to maximize the dollar and the education in one step.

There are a number of training centers spread all over the United States and soon, the world. Not to mention at some colleges that have medical education as a primary field of study there are medical simulation programs available. As we make more technological advancements this operation will undoubtedly be a common and fluent curriculum in teaching on every campus. We have all but left the day of cadavers and animals; we are now making great strides with virtual reality, robotics, etc. to help enhance the ways to learn.

Imagine life without so many medical mistakes and the results of those costly errors like lawsuits and grief. Technological advances in medicine are on the rise and they have the potential to improve life in a whole new manner. Medical simulations are one of the best and most ground-breaking tools ever created. This will change the way people will be taught from here on into the future while making room for even better medical simulation resources in the years to come.