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  • Remote Control Medical Devices
    There are several remote control medical devices that control the function of organs like the heart and brain. Some devices also administer medications. InvivoLink has also created one of the first applications to control a medical device using a mobile cell phone.
  • Medical Software and Apps for Smartphones
    A couple of years ago, smartphones were only used to make a call or check email. However, technology has evolved, and today smartphone medical software is available for almost every platform.
  • Telemedicine: Reforming Health Care in Rural Areas
    The use of remote health monitoring through telemedicine has changed the way in which health care professionals are able to provide care to people living in rural locations. The professional will use a variety of telemedicine remote monitoring tools to monitor the person's health.
  • ePrescribing: Benefits and Drawbacks
    ePrescribing has become a popular and convenient method for doctors to transmit prescriptions directly to their patients' pharmacies. ePrescriptions are faster, safer, error-free, and much more legible than doctors' handwritten prescriptions. Therefore, ePrescribing proves overall patient care
  • M-Health & eHealth - Using Technology to To Improve the Level of Care and Education to Patients
    The use of mhealth and ehealth has become quite popular especially in countries in which the main hospital is located wiithin the city. Discover what the difference is between the use of ehealth and mhealth.
  • Best Google Health Apps for the Droid
    Medical students and health care professionals can benefit from using Android medical applications. Learn about some of the best Google health apps for Droid.
  • Best PDA Nursing Software
    Free PDA nursing software programs can be used to record a patient's history, check medication interactions and order the correct laboratory and diagnostic procedures.
  • Top Google Medical Apps
    Advances in information technology are impressive these days. Learn how the medical profession can truly benefit from these advances, especially with the help of Top Google medical apps for their Android phones.
  • The Use of PDAs for Medical/Surgical Nursing
    PDA is valuable for a staff nurse or a nursing student who would like extra information to properly help with patient care. By using the medical surgical nursing PDA, the nurse is better prepared for any surprises that come his or her way.
  • Manage Your Diabetes on the Go With iPhone Apps
    Looking for something easy to use to manage your diabetes but on a budget? Check out the top 5 most efficient iPhone diabetes apps to help monitor your disease.
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