Culture Vision Overview - Allowing Doctors to Better Treat Culturally, Racially & Ethnically Diverse Populations

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Culture Vision will become an important tool is assuring the proper health care for a new population of immigrants expected to come to the USA in the next thirty years. Everyone has medical and health needs and questions, so being able to meet those needs and answer the questions is important to making sure the American population is healthy.

What is Culture Vision?

Culture Vision is a computer program that can be continually updated to include all the new religions and ethnically different patients a doctor might get as the American population changes in structure. More immigrants are arriving every day and the trend is expected to continue for many years to come. Societal and religious norms for these new patients may be vastly different from what a doctor is used to!

There are also diseases that are particular to different ethnic (racial) groups. Tay-Sachs, for example strikes mostly Jewish people, while sickle cell anemia is mainly a disease of African Americans. There are several others, some of which may have been contracted in the native land and brought with them when the immigrated.

Being able to stockpile information in one computer program will be invaluable to doctors in the coming years. Having a program that allows new information to be added with the new patients who come will allow a doctor to have a virtual library of diseases and religious practices to draw on, making it easier for both the doctor and the patient.

How Does it Impact Modern Health Technology?

The new Culture Vision program will be a great benefit to both patients and doctors. A doctor will be able to spend very few minutes in order to have a working knowledge of the likely diseases or cultural idiosyncrasies of any patient, based on where they came from or what they tell him in the initial meeting. This program that is always available and able to accept new information will enable doctors to do their jobs and save lives.


There was a time when people moved to America and wanted to blend in, become like everyone else. That is no longer the case, on both a personal and medical level. Many people cling to the “old ways” and are very strict about obeying their religious laws. If a doctor knows what those laws are, he can better treat the patient with respect. The diseases that are ethnic or genetic in origin can be isolated and treated if the proper information is readily available.