IBM's Blue Gene Supercomputer Helping to Improve Disease Research Technology

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Looking for Cures and Treatments

Modern Technology certainly has its advantages. There are so many wonderful things we can do with our computers. It really is no wonder that there is now a ‘supercomputer’ capable of helping find cures to diseases and assist in effective treatments. The mysteries behind some of the most complex medical conditions are about to be revealed and it is all due to the IBM Blue Gene supercomputer.

What is the IBM Blue Gene Supercomputer?

You are probably wondering what the difference is between a regular computer and a supercomputer? What makes a ‘supercomputer’ super is that fact that it has more than one processor and can work at a much faster rate while using less energy, which seems to be very important in the world today.

The IBM Blue Gene supercomputer is basically this technology turned loose in the mysterious medical world of problems without answers. Researchers and scientists along with medical professionals across the world are struggling to find cures for diseases or at the very least efficient treatment systems.

The supercomputer implements new technology that connects patient data to advance a proper diagnosis. Blue Gene basically incorporates all information reported (past and present) then it links to brand new, specific medical data to discover the best treatment options for the patient in a faster and more proficient manner.

Research Goals

The computer experts at IBM have teamed up with the staff of the Mayo clinic. Together they have set high, yet very realistic, goals for the IBM Blue Gene Supercomputer project. The two major companies are delighted to be in control of this revolutionary tool. The Mayo clinic will then use Blue Gene in disease research.

“Wouldn’t it be marvelous if a doctor knew not just the exact location of the patient’s cancer but its gene characteristics and the outcomes of therapy in the last 500 patients with cancer in that identical location and with those identical genetic characteristics? To do this, there needs to be a consistent way to link these kinds of data, not just in a single hospital, but regionally, nationally and globally. " - Hugh Smith, M.D., vice president Mayo Clinic and chair of the board of governors Mayo Clinic Rochester

“Our collaboration with IBM is focused on advancing the Mayo Clinic mission in the areas of patient care and research. We are at a point with standards in technology and new genomic based analytic techniques where we can achieve more in the next 10 years than we’ve achieved in the last 100, and we see in IBM a partner with a very unique capacity to deliver expertise and innovation.” - Denis Cortese, M.D., president and chief executive officer, Mayo Clinic

This partnership, between IBM and the Mayo Clinic is truly a revolutionary union. They are tackling innovative technology while changing the future of the entire health care industry. This means that we, people of all nations and with all kinds of medical conditions, will benefit.

Blue Gene and the Medical Community

IBM’s Blue Gene has the potential to unlock medical secrets and allow for expert professionals to unveil plausible answers to the tough questions. This is a life-saving resource that can direct us in the right direction. Finding cures will now be a reality with this supercomputer sifting through the facts for us.