Lower Back Pain: Quick and Easy Treatments for Instant Relief

Lower Back Pain: Quick and Easy Treatments for Instant Relief
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Lower Back Pain Treatments For Instant Relief

A visit to your chiropractor to treat lower back pain may involve an alignment using an activator tool, a manual alignment, or even a simple crack of the back to relieve pressure and provide instant relief. A visit to your local doctor’s office to treat lower back pain may involve those same procedures, with the addition of x-rays and a higher bill. However, this is a small price to pay if it will make your aching lower back feel better. The catch is, it often takes a series of several visits in order for your back to be restored to full mobility, with no pain.

Although no at home remedies for lower back pain can replace the expertise and knowledge that a chiropractor or M.D. can offer you, they may be just enough to get rid of your lower back pain, sometimes in an instant. If you are experiencing chronic lower back pain, it is recommended that you see your chiropractor once a month. Many chiropractors have a discount package for patients that visit at least once a month.

Crack Your Back

Spinal Column

The heavy majority of chiropractors will tell you that cracking your back is not harmful. Cracking the back releases pressure that has built up within the spine, and in turn, provides instant relief for some lower back pains. However, you should be careful when cracking your back, as doing it the wrong way could lead to even more discomfort than before. The most efficient way to crack your back for lower back pain involves lifting the spinal column, using gravity to release pressure. To do the exercise, you must also have a partner who is capable of lifting you off of the ground.

  • Position your partner directly behind you, facing you, with your back towards them.
  • Cross both of your arms across your chest and place each hand on your alternate shoulder. Your elbows should be as flat against your chest as possible.
  • Stand tall, with good posture, but stay relaxed.
  • Have your partner position his/her hands around you and your arms in a bear hug-like lock.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Immediately after the breath, have your partner lift your off the ground in a steady motion, slightly leaning backwards.
  • While still in a bear hug like stance, have your partner lower you quickly, but not let you touch the ground, and then raise you back up again. This should be a fast, smooth, jerking/snapping like motion.

As mentioned above, this exercise utilizes gravity as a force to release pressure that has built up in your spinal column. If you have been feeling less to mild lower back discomfort, or as your chiropractor would say between 1-4/10 on the pain scale, this should provide instant relief.

Inversion Therapy

Inversion Machine

Many have claimed that inversion therapy is the best way to treat lower back pain from home. Essentially, inversion therapy works by inverting the spine, which relieves pressure that has built up between the disks. Not only does this stretch out the spine to provide instant relief, but it also rejuvenates the spine, letting important nutrients and vitamins get to the normally compressed cartilage in the back.

Inversion therapy can be done using a variety of different methods. Most people choose to purchase inversion tables, which allow them to turn upside down smoothly, with little work and preparation. Other popular methods include using pull up bars and gravity boots to hang upside down.

Massage Techniques


Sometimes, lower back pain can be attributed to stiff and sore muscles surrounding the lower area of the spine. A massage can loosen these muscles, release knots, and relax the back. Person to person massage is always the best, as you can target specific pain spots in the back and try to roll out and untension knots. However, many people claim that leaning up against a wall and using a tennis ball as a separator is a good way to massage. There are also a variety of different massaging tools that you can purchase, which may work well for releasing lower back tension.

Hot and Cold Treatments

Ice Pack

Taking a hot bath will automatically relax muscles, which may or may not be beneficial to relieving lower back pain. Alternatively, using an ice pack on your lower back can help soothe sharp, stabbing like pains that occur near the base of the spinal column. Both have been claimed to pacify lower back pain, but may not be suitable for some.


Yoga Mat

Many people swear by yoga, which is more than just exercise. Yoga focuses on training the mind and body to reach a state of balance and tranquility, which many say stops lower back pain in its tracks. Mentally, yoga requires a meditative-like state of extreme focus. Physically, yoga works on stretching the muscles in various positions, which is said to increase flexibility and decrease muscle aches, body soreness, and other pains. Many consider yoga to be an art.