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10 Minute Solution: Pilates with Lara Hudson

written by: Stephanie Mojica • edited by: Cheryl Gabbert • updated: 6/27/2011

Veteran fitness instructor, Lara Hudson offers an affordable and diverse range of exercises in the 10 Minute Solution: Pilates DVD.

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    Overall Recommendation

    Lara Hudson, the featured instructor in the 10 Minute Solution: Pilates DVD, is one of the most featured pilates teachers in the workout video market. Upon reviewing this classic pilates video from 2004, it's easy to see why. Lara is a knowledgeable and vibrant pilates teacher, and her 10 Minute Solution: Pilates DVD is a timeless classic that merits a permanent place in any home exercise video collection.

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    Timelessness Factor

    Yes, this video was originally released in 2004 and as of this writing, it is indeed the year 2010. However, the DVD is far from dated. The diverse range of exercises helped time-pressed exercisers then, and can potentially aid many more in the years to come.

    Unlike some older workout DVDs, 10 Minute Solution: Pilates does not consist of laughably dated music, hairstyles, and clothing. You might not have even noticed that the video is from 2004 if not for reading this review or visiting its product information page on Amazon. So, the best suggestion is don't "sweat" the age of this amazing DVD.

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    Range of Exercises

    The range of Pilates exercises offered in this single DVD is amazing. If you can only afford one pilates DVD, then select 10 Minute Solution: Pilates.

    Lara offers 10 minute workouts in each of the following areas of interest:

    • Pilates for Abs
    • Pilates for Buns and Thighs
    • Sculpting Pilates
    • Pilates Burn
    • Pilates for Flexibility

    No matter what your available time frame might be or your targeted area of interest, likely this DVD offers something for you.

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    Combating those Time Crunch Factors

    Many exercisers are skeptical about whether a workout can be delivered in just 10 minutes. If you're into getting a longer workout, you can use the DVD's "Matrix" function to program two, three, four, or all five workouts.

    Expect to work that body even if you select a 10-minute workout as suggested. Even the most time-pressed people will likely notice that the 10 minutes goes flying away rather quickly. Yet, they can still reap the results of even a single workout.

    Doing one workout a day, at least five days a week is usually recommended when working with any 10 Minute Solution video. This will also help you tone and strengthen your muscles and joints. But remember, even a sporadic effort with any video or exercise regimen is better than nothing.

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    Financial Value

    The financial value of 10 Minute Solution: Pilates is simply amazing. As of 2010, the Amazon list price was $9.98; though used copies with shipping can usually be purchased for less than $7. You obviously won't get the benefits of pilates equipment like reformers, but you will learn a wide range of floor exercises for a fraction of the cost of a single pilates class or private lesson.

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    Accessibility Factor

    One of the few disadvantages of mat pilates, including most Lara Hudson videos, is that it is not the most accessible exercise regimen in the world. Unfortunately, if you have difficulty getting up and down from the floor you might want to pass on this video. However, some segments like Pilates for Flexibility offer a gentle but invigorating workout suitable for most body types and fitness levels.